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  • David-ben-Jesse

    Interesting indeed, that other Christian denominations adopted the false doctrine of the trinity from the Catholics, who adopted it from the pagans.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses got this right, and I think they deserve their name to be witnesses.


  • Black Sheep
  • glenster

    What I have on the JWs leaders' revision of where the Trinity originates is on
    pp.4 and 7-10 of "Glenster's Guide to GTJ Broolyn."

    It isn't one of their exclusive ideas unless you add some of the specifics
    of the way they teach about it. In any event, they use their usual methods to
    to feign exclusiveness (misuse of research material, mischaracterizing the most
    reasonable things others say, leaving out history that's bad for their case, and
    requiring shunning of persistant disagreement so that if anyone gets wise to
    their methods they won't be around to tell the rest of the flock).

  • JustHuman14

    Trinity is my favor subject. Unfortunately most of those belong to the Protestand groups are unware of the Early Christian history and they use reasoning like WT does. We might not have the word Trinity in the Bible but we have PROOF from many verses of a Triunion God. Plus we have early writtings of the successors of the Apostoles confirming the Trinity dogma, like Bishop Ignatius 120 A.D, Justin Martyr, 100-165 A.D, Athingoras 177 AD, Irinaios 180 A.D. Just to mention a few Bishops of the Apostolic Church.

    Also just for history the Papal Church has fallen into serious mistakes after they broke apart - Schisma 1040 A.D from the Holy Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church.

    The Apostolic Chruch did not came to clarify the dogma only when Heretics like Arius started to question the Nature of Christ. That is why an Apostolic Synodos in Nicaia,only 300 years after Jesus death. They had to clarify this matter and guard the Holy Apostolic Church from herecy.

    The most amazing for those who claim that the Bible or the early Christians did not believed Trinity is they accept a Bible that was given to them by the Holy Orthodox Apostolic Church and the definition of the Biblical Canon by Saint Athanasius at Laodicea Synodos 367 A.D...

    My question is clear: Why do you accept a Bible that supposed was canonized by apostates?

  • PSacramento

    I do not view the Trinity as scripture, it is at best an interpretation of the relationship between God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus being Divine does not equal Jesus being God.

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