Jack Van Impe Ministries

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  • truthlover

    Does anyone know anything about this gent? See his program on tv with his wife and he can expound on over 14,000 scriptures.. he also speaks of the nearness of the "Lords Day" of Armageddon, of a final destruction.... is he in line with your thinking??

  • blondie


    He has set dates in the past. He also ties in current events with "prophecy." She's cute and entertaining.

  • truthlover


    do u take him seriously or shouldone?

  • truthlover

    He has a new cd on the Illuminati, freemasons, tie in with the antichrist, etc. sounds interesting

  • asilentone

    no, I have seen his show many years ago, nothing came by his words.

  • cameo-d

    No. Do not take him seriously.

    He is pure propaganda.

    He depends on sensationalism and fear to make $$$.

    Just like all the rest of his ilk.

    (I have the secret. Send $5 and I will send you my book. The secret is in there.)

    Check out the scoop on him:


    There's plenty you can discern from in a search.

    here's another source:

    From : "Know Your Anti-christ..."

  • The surname “Van Impe” is a Dutch-Flemish name which is believed to be derived from the old German word “impfen,” or “to graft.” By the 1400s, it was common to use the word “imp” to refer to “a child,” but it was even more common a century later to use the word to refer to a “child from hell,” or, the “spawn of Satan.” These days, “imp” is generally accepted to mean “fiend,” “evil creature” or “small demon.”
  • (http://armageddoncocktailhour.wordpress.com/category/know-your-antichrist-candidates/)

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    He's just another religious charlton selling shit, American style.

    In recent times he's gotten on the end times marketing scheme , the same one the JWS have been using for a long time now.

    And along with the end times doctrine that he exploits for his products such as DVDs , Cd's and books.

    Religion can be turned into money if you do it right , here's a list of what some these ministries are pulling every year.

    Mind you too these are all tax free funds, no wonder you see these guys driving Mercedes and Rolls Royces

    and living in lavish homes.

    Ministry Name


    Top Exec.

    Exec. Compensation

    Global Evangelism Television (2)


    Pres. John C. Hagee


    Peter Popoff Ministries


    Pres. Peter Popoff


    Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


    Dir. & Chairman Billy Graham


    Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana (TBN)


    Pres. & Dir. Paul F. Crouch, Sr.


    New Life Ministries


    CEO Stephen Arterburn


    In Touch Ministries (7)


    Pres. & Chairman Charles F. Stanley


    Christian Research Institute (3)


    Pres. Hank Hanegraaff


    Christian Broadcasting Network


    Pres. & Dir. Michael D. Little


    Ligonier Ministries


    Pres. Robert C. Sproul


    Thru the Bible Radio Network


    Dir. Andre Delgado


    Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association


    Pres. & CEO Richard Roberts


    Luis Palau Evangelistic Association


    Pres. Luis Palau


    Grace To You


    Pres. John F. MacArthur, Jr.


    Jack Van Impe Ministries International


    Pres. Jack Van Impe


    Insight for Living (1)


    Pres. Cynthia Swindoll


    Turning Point


    Pres. & CEO David P. Jeremiah


    Love Worth Finding


    Pres. Roland Maddox


    Coral Ridge Ministries


    Exec. VP Thomas Rogeberg


    Far East Broadcasting Company


    Pres. Jim R. Bowman


    Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef (6)


    COO Joseph Morris


    Christ for all Nations


    Pres. Reinhard Bonnke


    The Good News Broadcasting Association


    Pres. Woodrow Kroll


    Eternal Word Television Network


    Pres. Michael Warsaw


    Cornerstone TeleVision


    CEO Charles R. Hembree


    Bible Broadcasting Network


    Pres. Lowell Davey


    Focus on the Family (5)


    Pres. James C. Dobson


    Family Stations (4)


    Pres. Harold Camping


  • cameo-d

    Excellent find, Almighty Homer!

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Thanks Cameo

  • thomas15

    While I'm not in any way trying to defend anyone other than myself, a brief critical analysis of the chart and comments of The Mighty Homer has to be made.

    First of all, myself and the lovely Mrs. thomas15 both work, both have college degrees and have been in the work force for many years, thomas15 (BS Degree) having been with the same company for 25 years and is the sales manager. Mrs. thomas15 has a Masters degree in education and is a teacher. While we likewise drive a Mercedes, our household income is higher than some of those in the informative chart provided by The Mighty Homer and Mercedes aside, we struggle just like everyone else to pay our bills and educate our kids. We are not living high on the hog , that's for sure.

    The last I heard about Billy Graham, he received a salary much lower than the chart shows and he is personally separated by a BOD from any money that comes into the ministry.

    Dr. Charles Stanley (In Touch) has written many books that sell well (in the millions of copies) and pastor of a church that has over 10,000 members, so 300K is probably way less than what he could probably receive. Dr. Stanley is past president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Dr. David P. Jeremiah- (Turning Point) same as Dr. Charles Stanley in almost every detail and is paid $126K, slightly more than thomas15 and Mrs. thomas15 make per year.

    Dr. Woodrow Kroll (Back to the Bible) same as Dr. Charles Stanley in almost every detail and is paid $90K, less than what thomas15 and Mrs. thomas15 make per year. Dr. Kroll was a professor of Theology at Liberty University.

    Dr. John MacArthur (Grace to You) same as Dr. Charles Stanely in almost every detail, has written hundreds of books, many million sellers, and is president of the Masters Seminary and is paid $150K

    Dr. Chuck Swindoll (Cynthia Swindall) (Insight for Living) same as Dr. Charles Stanley in almost every detail and is paid $131K, slightly more than thomas15 and Mrs. thomas15 make per year. Dr. Swindoll is past President of Dallas Theological Seminary.

    Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family) same as Dr. Stanley except he is not a seminary graduate, rather he is a child psychologist is paid $0.K

    The above are highly distinguished, well spoken and hard working, well respected. Many of them are legitimate theologians and have multiple advanced degrees from respected Universities. I think it is unfair to say or infer that that they are over compensated. The charge that they are getting rich selling and exploiting end times via books and other media is easy to make, difficult to show.

    Please note I'm not definding anyone on the chart and I'm not commenting on some of those in the chart because I suspect there is some truth in The Mighty Homers charge against them.

    Submitted in the spirit of fairness,


  • Chalam


    I used to watch his program. He has some interesting points. He loves God and His son, Jesus, that is what counts.

    On the negative side, IMHO he leans too much on his own understanding and "knowledge" and too little on the instruction of the Holy Spirit.

    There is far too much on the end times and not enough on grace and very little on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Much better to focus on the later, that is where it is at.

    All the best,


  • blondie

    I don't take him (or her seriously) but I find it interesting the similarities they have with the WTS. jws and the WTS like to think they are unique in this line of thought.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Anybody who watches those shows and thinks it about anything expect $$$ needs serious help

  • thomas15

    To further beat the drums:

    CRI (Christian Reaserach Institute) Hank Hanegraaff President. This ministry was founded by the late Walter Martin and is leading the charge (from an Evangelical prespective) in exposing the Biblical errors of the WT.

    Ligonier Ministries- R.C.Sproul. Im personally not a big fan of Sproul but he is a theologian through and through. He also holds to preterism which is a teaching on the end times that has nothing dramatic happening at the end of this age. Hardly a position to hold if you want to make money selling end times media.

    Coral Ridge Ministries- founded by the late D. James Kennedy, this is a Presbyterian ministry that is A-MIL (I think) which doesn not hold to anything like the WT end times scenerio. It is a gospel ministry plain and simple.

    Thru the Bible Radio Network- founded by the late J. Vernon McGee, is also Presbyterian but Pre-Mil. The focus of the ministry is a running commentary of every verse of the Bible. Very little end times. A very good radio show, many have come to know Christ from listening to him.

    Family Stations-Harold Camping. The definition of a nutcase. His theology is very close to the WT, he probably gets some of his ideas from the WT.

    again, submitted in fairness,


  • mindmelda

    I've always found the JW antagonism towards fundamentalists amusing. It's not so much based on different doctrine, I think as it is as being rivals in the same "business". LOL

    JWs are using a technique given up on by even Avon to sell their religion, door to door direct sales. If they really want to rake in the big bucks, they're going to have to utilize televagelism and the internet. They have actually made small forays into those areas but their antagonism to anything new fangled (JWs are such Luddites..in the old Zion's Watchtower, they had articles raving about how that new telephone device was going to be the downfall of civilization, just like they do now about the internet) is holding them back from the really big money maker, TV.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    CRI (Christian Reaserach Institute) Hank Hanegraaff President. This ministry was founded by the late Walter Martin and is leading the charge (from an Evangelical prespective) in exposing the Biblical errors of the WT.

    What exactly constitutes a "biblical error"?

  • thomas15


    I'm a little board right now so please allow me to comment. Jack Van Impe is a Dispensationalist (Pre-Millennium). I know very little about him and there is something about him that makes me uncomfortable. However, the larger question is one of theology. The end times is a small part of Dispensationalist teaching which is actually a method of interprating the entire Bible in a literal sense. An opposing theology is called Covanent theology. I will leave it up to you or anyone interested to further research the details.

    The WT holds some theology which seems simular to Dispensationalist so during a casual reading of (end times) it could be easy to compare them. But I can assure you or anyone else reading this that there are vast differences between what any legitimate Dispensationalist teaches and what the WT teaches. I'm not defending Jack Van Impe as I have little knowledge of him but I have been told by reliable sources that he is a legitimate Dispensationalist and he also has a lot of Bible verses memorized. He teaches things like the trinity, salvation by alone grace through faith alone, an inerrant Bible, you know, standard Evangelical things.

    yours truly,


  • thomas15

    "What exactly constitutes a "biblical error"?"

    For example Drew, trying to say that the Cedarville get togethers in the 1930s are prophecy fufilled.

  • truthlover

    thanks all for your insights -- I did order a cd on the "End" and have recd 3 letters since asking for donations.. so thats out

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Umm...... commercializing the gospel for profit and wealth , if Jesus was here to day seeing all of this what do you suppose he would say?

    I know what those TV evangelists would say " Well you did die for are sins didn't you.....he he he ? " can we still get into everlasting Paradise ?

    will burn down are mansions and destroy are Mercedes we promise !

    I hope people will finally come to realize that TV evangelists and the JWS Corporation exploited the open and free religious market

    that the American government provided and opened for them and of course lets not forget the exploitation in the belief in the bible.

    Power and money does feel good ......umm umm umm

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