So ya think JWs are the ONLY ones who worship Jeh huh?.well so do these guys..

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  • chrisjoel

    Some time ago someone posted a picture of an assembly of exJWs, i believe it was in romania. They were a splinter group from the JWs and had organized themselves for assembly..Point is just cuz someones says they like JWs cuz they worship the only true God doesnt make it so. Others make the same claim....oops.'s_Witnesses_splinter_groups

  • reniaa

    In 1993, mathematician Gordon Ritchie requested baptism by Jehovah's Witnesses and almost immediately began advocating disagreements with their teachings. He claims he was expelled for apostasy in March 1996. [ 8 ] [ 9 ] Ritchie contends that Jehovah's Witnesses constituted true religion until 2004, but that his own group of "Lord's Witnesses" is now the sole form of true worship. [ 10 ] The group claims several hundred adherents, and argues that their mathematical analysis of the Bible contains divine revelations that Jehovah's Witnesses have ignored.

    In 2007, Jehovah's Witness apologist and author Greg G. Stafford, author of "Defending Jehovah's Witnesses" (Elihu Books), formally disassociated from the religion, while insisting on describing himself and his followers as "Jehovah's Witnesses". [ 11 ] Stafford continues to publish information about Jehovah's Witnesses, and defends many of their unique and central beliefs, such as nontrinitarianism. [ 12 ] In 2007 Stafford introduced the term "Christian Witnesses of Jah" to describe individuals who believe many of the same things as Jehovah's Witnesses, [ 13 ] [ 14 ] but who may not embrace the organization or all of its theological teachings.

    most are just divisions under one person that end up having no growth.

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