I had the floating sensation !

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  • wobble

    I think Steve Hassan, in Combatting Cult mind Control. calls it floating ? or is my memory faulty ?

    anyway, he talks of almost going back into the Cult mindset at times,until you pull yourself up sharp.

    It happened to me the other day,I watched the clip of the Mexican wave at the D.C that somebody posted, and I felt as though I wanted to be there!!!

    Now I vividly remember the mind and bum numbing boredom of assemblies,and there is no way I want to be part of the religion, in my heart, but I was in for 58 friggin years, and little things still exert a pull.

    Anything like that happened to you ?



    ps My family are all at the DC today (Gillingham ,Kent, U.K) not the Wife though,she has gone to work,and she said this morning, "I never did like assemblies" !

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yeah right Wobble.....I had a flashback of my last dentist visit...wanna be there! .....NOT!

  • snowbird

    It happens to me sometimes.


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    No, but I have had several blood chilling nightmares over the years about being back in the organization.

  • nelly136

    they're holding assemblies at gillingham? i thought that was just a bus stop on the way to chatham :)

  • Hope4Others

    No, I can't say I have although I was also in a very long time. I feel Steves book helped me to over come all my what if's

    and finally gave me closure to feeling any guilt or fear...


  • JimmyPage

    You had a floating sensation? Have you bought anything from a yard sale lately? Sounds like demons to me!

  • JustHuman14

    I can have this sensation at any time...Once I was at the beach and I left my body and flew over the waves....that was great

  • wobble


    You are not wrong, Gillingham is pretty cruddy and small, but it has a decent football ground, if nothing else.(They have used it for about 4 maybe 5 years now)

    Justhuman, can you teach me to fly,it may take a lot to get this bulk off the ground !



    p.s we probably know of eachother Nelly, I live in kent, p.m me if you like.

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