Going inside "Christendoms evil churches" after abandoning the BORG

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  • yogosans14

    After I was done with the WT and its unbiblical teachings I went to other churches. First I went to a Roman Catholic church after reading many of the early church father writings (which btw all of them affirm the Trinity) and as I first went in I thought I was literally going to burst in flames or become posssed by a demon!but as I went in the church had a nice smell to it and I sat down in the back pew and the church was very full. The service was beautiful, there was 4 bible readings and a sermon and the priest talked about being a light to the world and living like Christ and it was a very uplifting sermon considering I used to think Catholics were idol worshipers and never read the bible. Anyways I got confused since people in the church were kneeling and as people were going up to receive communion some were crying with tears of joy!i was shocked and said to myself "wow these so called idol worshipers really do care about God and have a relationship with him".

    Anyways after doing more bible reading I didn't agree with all Roman Catholic doctrines and I find myself leaning towards the baptist theology. There's a baptist church near me that I attend and the preacher is very nice and focuses on doing good things for the communities (shocking since they believe once saved always saved which in JDUB language that means they are lazy Christians).

    my point to this is that the JW idea that "christendoms churches" are evil and idolatrous is so false. I've never been more happy in churches then the kingdom halls before. I have met some very nice Christians who really care about Jesus and others.

    After you you left have you went to any churches??

  • cofty

    Yes I went to a Baptist church for 9 years after leaving the cult.

    When the pastor left I became part of the preaching team and took the service every few weeks. I loved to preach the gospel.

    It took me a long time to realise that I had not really tested my most fundamental assumptions. I took it as a given that there was a god and that the bible was his word. I had not looked objectively at the best arguments against the concept of sin and redemption nor had I faced up to the obvious deficiencies in the life and teachings of the Jesus of the gospels.

    Going to church after leaving the cult is a lazy option. Continue to apply the same critical thinking skills to all of your beliefs that you used to see the flaws in the cult. It is a process that can take many years but the consequences are very important.

  • WheninDoubt

    Isn’t that hypocritical Cofty, since you advocate hatred as a disfellowshipped Witness? You would think by becoming a Pastor, it should have taught you to move on with your life instead of becoming a voice for sin. What would your church elders say about you speaking about the gospel in one hand and defiling it in the other? I am shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cofty

    I don't understand your accusation whenindoubt, please explain. - 20 exclamation marks doesn't help make your point any clearer.

    I was a JW for over 30 years.

    Then I became a born-again, evangelical christian.

    After a few years our pastor left and a few of us were asked to take over the preaching.

    After a total of 9 years I stopped attending church and began a process of losing faith.

    For the past 10 years I have valued evidence and developed a growing contempt for theism.

    What exactly is hypocritical about that?

  • cofty
    What would your church elders say about you speaking about the gospel in one hand and defiling it in the other?

    Why should I care?

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