U.S.A BEATS SPAIN TWO NIL !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • wobble

    What can I say ? apart from it has MADE MY DAY ! WELL DONE !!!

    What now, the World Cup ?



  • Gordy

    Speaking as a English football supporter.

    I think that the USA played exceptionally well.

    Considering that Spain had some of the worlds top players.

    THe USA defending was good.

    I think that the USA are starting to learn what the game is about and the skill required.


    This was a great game. Lou Holtz, the former head coach of Notre Dame, once said that it doesn't matter if you are playing the best team in the world, as long as you are the best team in the stadium.

  • jookbeard

    the European teams would have gone crazy if Torres/Xavi/Iniesta/Casillas/Ramos/Alonso/Villa/Silva/Senna/Fabregas, etc came home nursing severe injuries that rules them out ot the start of the national leagues and champions league, trust me it was only a kick about. Brazil look good though.

  • BurnTheShips

    Well, ordinarily, I am a pretty big fan of Spain, but being that it is the US...


  • JustHuman14

    This is cup is not so importand and for sure is not a world cup or Euro. As I have seen most of the Europeans players are tired. Imagine how many games they have from the beggining of the season. Most players Italians, Spanish, play in the best championships of the world. The British, Spanish, Italian and German. Most of them are tired since it is the end of the season, and many of them they will not even have a rest since the European Championships are soon to be start. Also the big money is on their clubs that is why most of those players they do not like to risk an injury in their national teams.

    I consider the win of US normal.

  • LouBelle

    Okay I'm not bias as I'm neither spanish or american. I don't think spain played as well as they usually do - must be the african heat. USA - yes I'll give that they defended well.

    The Confederation Cup is still rather prestigious Just Human - teams enjoy gathering all sorts of trophes.

    Next year we'll be hosting the World Cup - it's going to be very intersting - there are about 75 000 Americans (so far) that will be visiting our shores for this event - any of you guys coming?

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