Just what are JW's eager for?

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  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    I have read over and over that the false prophecies of the WTS are really not false prophecies. They where just folks who were over eager and were keeping oil in their lamps and so forth. It occured to me today to wonder "Eager for what?"

    • The parables that JW's cite show an eagerness, the eagerness is for the Bride-Groom to come.
    • Didn't he come in 1914?
    • It seems that they are eager for the World Wide Slaughter.
    • Can anyone show from the Bible where we are to be eager for the start of the Big A?
    • Why don't JW's ever say, "I hope Armageddon doesn't come too soon so I can have more time to bring loved ones into the faith."?
    • I have heard many protestants say the above in regards to the Rapture, which they believe is the next item on the prophetic calendar.
    • Do protestants love their families more than JW's do?

    My thanx goes to all who try to help me understand this.


  • Quirky1

    Eager?? You call that eager??

  • BluesBrother

    Interesting..I have certainly never heard a dub express hope that the system is extended so that more may be saved...That would be a contradiction of all they believe in . If other faiths express that about the rapture....I would not know.

    One thing I find among J W' s is a mental blacking out of Armageddon, except when the study book describes it. They do not want to think about it , they rationalise that "Jehovah will take care of it, and it is in his hands" . The ones I know well believe in their heart that more "good people " will survive even outside the congregation. This is in direct disagreement with the WT Society and what it prints, but they do not like the idea of mass genocide of the innocent.

    Of course they would not voice that outside of close friends. In practice they just think about their own paradise and the fact? that nobody will starve in the New World (even if it is because they have all been killed !}

  • rockmehardplace

    in regards to the hope of hurrying up the Big A. i was at a bookstudy many years ago and the brother closing with prayer mentioned that he hoped the Big A (as it was referred to) would happen very soon so that everyone that was a JW would be moving toward the new system working toward perfection. after the prayer, one sister started crying. she told the brother in front of everyone that she could not agree to the prayer as her husband was not a worshiper of jehovah and she did not want him to die because he needed more time. that was a tough thing to hear. everyone just felt so bad for the poor sister. the brother apologized and made some lame excuse that jehovah reads hearts and if he really loves jehovah, he would be fine. the poor sister said that everything she has read in the magazines stated the opposite. that incident always stuck with me.

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    "One thing I find among J W' s is a mental blacking out of Armageddon, except when the study book describes it. They do not want to think about it , they rationalise that "Jehovah will take care of it, and it is in his hands" . "

    I think you're absolutely right. That was my attitude while I was a prisoner of the WBTS. I found that no-one really thought about or discussed everything that Armageddon was about. To us, it was just the "ushering in of Jehovah's Kingdom". Nobody talked about how Jehovah was going to kill everyone who wasn't a witness. And not just kill, but brutally destroy. What is that scripture about tongues rotting in mouths and eyes rotting in sockets? And then wild animals and birds are going to pick their bones clean. No-one wanted to entertain that mental image of babies and unbelieving relatives and friends suffering horrible deaths. But that's exactly what they are asking for when they pray for Jehovah's kingdom to come.

    They speak of Noah's flood in much the same nonchalant way. But what a horrible way to die. According to the story, it took 40 days for the earth to flood. Until they actually drowned, people were cold and wet and miserable. Starving. Constantly climbing to higher ground to try to save themselves. Fighting each other for a piece of high ground. Trying to save their children. I picture mothers trying to hold their children up over their heads until the water finally rose too high. And if you had more than one child, which one do you hold over your head? Stuggling to stay alive while people are screaming and dying all around them. Like the scene in "Titanic" times 10,000.

    And how about being stoned to death? Same thing. It was always accepted in such a casual and detached way. Throwing rocks at someone, breaking bones and splitting skulls open, until the person finally, mercifully dies. God Is Love, my ass

  • mindmelda

    My aunt, not a Witness, but a Christian who goes to your basic non denom church, decribed to me a Witness coming to her door the other day all smiling as she handed her an invitation to a talk about Armageddon.

    There was the usual picture of smiling Witnesses walking away from the horrible destruction of "the wicked" behind them, as though it would never touch them.

    My aunt was aghast! She said, "No thank you, that looks horrible!"

    She can't for the life of her figure out why the Witnesses are so happy about Armageddon! I told her it's because they envision themselves as the only survivors and what others would suffer doesn't concern them, they feel those are deserving of their fate.

    She still found it horrible. I don't think Witnesses are at all aware of how their doctrine sounds to others. They don't really care either. But, you have to ask who a doomsday message like that would appeal to?

  • oompa

    Rockme.......good story

    darkside......good visualization.....they just dont want to see any of that...even though there are plenty of TERROR drawings in the lit as to Armageddon.... "look little johnny...she the fire coming down on that ladys head?...and look at that building falling on those bad people...dont let that happen to you"

    the truth is many of those dubs are sick, depressed, old, poor, and hurting........PARADISE sounds pretty good for sure!.....they want it so bad they can easily block out the killing......plus, most think it is only the "incorrigibly wicked" (as a recent WT put it) that will be destroyed....i read that and as an inactive told some jw friends i was soooo glad for the new lite!......cause i may miss all the meetings for two years....but sure as hell aint "incorrigibly wicked"......so they tell me it is NOT NEW LITE........so i say it always bothered me if at the door someone said "y'all believe that only y'all will survive THE END".....and i always squirmed my way out of it......well damm one of lifetime friends says "we never taught that ONLY jws will survive ARM"....i was stunned!...he is a servant and a born in....i told him i could not believe we had been in the same hall for so many years and to look it up.....he said he did not have time....within 30 minutes and my wtcd i handed him a dozen quotes that CLEARLY showed the official WT position....

    dubs want to say the "wicked will be destroyed"....but fail to see that according to watchtower.....everyone NOT a JW will be considered WICKED at the day of judgement.........lmao.......soooo many nice loving people in da world....way sinless than me and most dubs prob.......oompa

  • mindmelda

    To be honest, the "paradise" sounded best to me when I went through a terrible period of post partum depression and wanted to commit suicide.

    I really thought at my worst point that if I killed myself and my children, we'd all wake up together in a perfect world.

    I had people watching me really closely then so I didn't harm myself or my children. Mostly myself, though.

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