New Video Featuring Comments from JWs On My Youtube Channel...

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  • Tuesday

    After I finished this video I really liked it, so I'm sharing with everyone here. Go comment, if you want to mirror by all means, or if you want to create your own along the same lines with comment from the Watchtower (fantastic idea BTW) or from comments left on your youtube channel please do. It will only get the message out more.

  • Tuesday


  • bluecanary

    It's a good video. Even when I was a teenage witness I couldn't imagine writing comments like those. They go by kind of fast though; I couldn't read all of them.

  • Tuesday

    I should've let the quotes sink in, I was too busy trying to fit them all in. I actually hadn't gotten to private messages that I had received. I ended up skipping out on about 83 quotes that I could've used.

    I'm hoping more people pick up on the video and hopefully make one of their own like that.

  • jamiebowers

    I commented on your video. You always do such a good job. Keep them coming!

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