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  • YoursChelbie

    Wanna get together for a Fouth of July Apostafest? I've been thinking

    and trying to come up with some ideas. I think it would be fun to get a group

    together this Fourth of July-- It's only two weeks away.

    I originally thought about an outdoor event, but the Texas heat right now

    could melt a tractor, sooo... best we stay cool indoors.

    This place --Spring Creek Barbecue --has a dining room that we can use

    exclusively for our event. It will accomodate anywhere from 10-60 people.

    It can be all ours, provided we get there first on July 4th. They open the doors

    at 11:00 am and we can stay as long as we want.


    I hear the food is really good.

    Fatfreek, Ohiocowboy, Else, IP_SEC and any body in the Dallas area is welcome too.

    If ya'll can offer any other suggestions, that would be great.

    They have a very good location in Frisco just off 121 so if that'll work for you, then I'll see ya'll there!

  • purplesofa

    Hope you all get together, sounds like a great time.


  • YoursChelbie

    Howdy, and Happy Monday everybody!

  • YoursChelbie

    I went by this place today to check it out, and they have their very own dessert bar with ice cream

    and peach cobbler. YUM!

  • YoursChelbie

    Hi all,

    Well, I went back because I wanted to check out their entrees.

    The sandwich plate is very generously served. The manager dude, said he's expecting

    a lot of people on July 4th.

    PS. If I really get into party mode by next week,

    I may decide to wear my animal-print dress... Nah, that may be -too bold.... must be modest

  • BurnTheShips

    I want to do a pig roast. Luau style.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Howdy guys! Wha a great idea. Unfortunately Nina and I cannot make it; her back went out last night and she's in some pain and needs to stay immobile.

    Have a great time!

    Be well,


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