I'm so excited . . .

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  • Lucky Calamity
    Lucky Calamity

    . . . I get to miss work on Monday to attend my orientation at UNC - Chapel Hill.

    It keeps getting more and more real . . . I may even be able to take home a new laptop! Now that's a serious perquisite, but more than anything, I just can't wait for classes to start and for me to complete my college degree.

    I feel so elated about getting back to school, and being able to attend this particular school . . . I hope I do well!

    I'm also getting a little anxious about the whole prospect, wondering if I will be able to hack it and such . . . it's exciting and overwhelming.

    Anyone else facing the same kind of excitement/anxiety?

  • oompa

    you lucky lucky lady......hey i thought were already there?.......and i left you a voice mail didn't i.....we will all hook up in raleigh or franklin st soon.......rams head rap is good.......oompa

  • Lucky Calamity
    Lucky Calamity

    Yes, sounds good, Eric. What do you think of Chipotle eatery in CH?

    No, not in classes yet. I've enrolled for the fall; was thinking about summer school, but would have to take out more loans for that.

    Give me a call (or PM me here).

    Did I give you my email and do you still have my #?

    Thanks for the call last weekend. I was in library when you called and turned on phone too late and could not call you back with no return #.

    Anyway, let's get together with others in CH, if you'd like, any time.

    Next weekend I'll be in Hanging Rock, but I'm here now and it's payday week, lol.

    If anyone from here is that way (Hanging Rock next weekend), let me know. It's a small non-jw family reunion for me, but the more the merrier, LOL!

    Have a good weekend and don't drink too much.

    If you guys or gals are in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham area, let me know. I'd love to meet up!

  • FlyingHighNow

    You're living my dream. Maybe not that college, but the rest, even the laptop. Congratulations! Huge ones.

  • oompa

    OMG....i used to live 40 min away from hanging rock.....and know it like the back of my hand.......go to looking glass falls on your own if i am not there....but now i am only an hour away!!!........hope to see you there..........oomps.......

    are you staying in a state cabin or camping?...........

    you will go right by my house on the way there!!!!

  • iceguy

    Congrats Lucky! I live in Wilmington NC and would love to meet others someday from NC. I hope all goes well for you at UNC, just do your very best and I'm sure you will do fine.

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