How do you deal with labels?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, shirted/bloused friends:

    I just now decided to cut off the brand name/clothing-care information labels from my fave tee shirt. No more embarrassing, wagging-tongue synthetic labels popping out and showing the community I cannot dress myself properly.

    So, if you see someone's [friend, relative, stranger] labels flapping in the breeze, do you alert him/her to this sartorial faux pas or do you do a sleight-of-hand adjustment before they figure out what has happened? After all, it's behind them.

    This has been on my mind for a long time ...

    Is this in the same league as ripping off pillow and mattress labels ... prison term and fines?

    CoCo Couture

  • compound complex
    compound complex

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    Coco..Soon you will be advocating taking the Nike name off of Nike runners.....Taking Cigar bands off of expensive cigars....Removing Labels from 18yr old Highland Park Scotch bottles...........If you start a trend like that..How will people know how important you are??.................................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Warlock

    When I see someone wearing something with a label that hasn't been removed, I take out my lighter and set it on fire.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Sometimes, OUTLAW, you leave me "speechless". You got me.

    Off to work for a few hours ... nice posting with you today!


  • compound complex
    compound complex


    Now, you see there folks! Lighter fluid is a solution.

    Many thanks of internal gratitude.

    CoCo Lights the Fire


    Coco..I`ve had some fun with you..Have a great day at work!...........................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • restrangled

    Coco, my entire life I dealt with a horrible label.

    Funny, now girls are trying to get what I already have.

    I have very full red lips, I never wear lipstick because I am still too embarrassed. On the other hand I don't need to wear any and at my age I am thankful that I will never have a thin, almost nonexsistant mouth.

    It remains full. ....I guess thats my reward for the toture through the years!

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