William J. Schnell

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  • Kenneson

    Does anyone know when, where and how William J. Schnell died? There have been 3 rumors I read about him recently. One states that close to his death he was trying to be re-instated, but the Society refused him. The other says he died in a mental institution. The third says he died of a heart attack at home. Does anyone have his obituary per chance, who could post it here? William J. Schnell wrote "Thirty Years a Watch Tower Slave." Thanks.

  • Satanus

    Isn't he in heaven?


  • villabolo

    Kenneson, I heard, about thirty years ago directly from Edmund Gruss (author of Apostles of Denial and We left Jehovah's Witnesses) that William Schnell died at a convalescent hospital. He showed me documentation of the fact since he stated that the Witnesses were falsely claiming that he died at a mental institution.


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  • BizzyBee

    I remember finding his book in the library many years ago. Someone had pencilled in the fly leaf something to the effect that "This evil man was insane and died in an institution!"

    I erased it. Not supposed to deface liberry books.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    JW scuttlebutt in the early 1980s had it that he died in a psychiatric hospital somewhere. (I remember being told these glad tidings early in 1982).

    Of course, to the Witlesses passing on this story, the location of Schnell's death somehow negated all he had written about the Watchtower!


  • RottenRiley

    This Elder I know worked at Bethel for 40 years and said with a happy voice, Schnell, he died in a Insane Assylum! I was young and dumb, now that I reflect on his statement, he was happy Schnell died such a undignified death, his sources were Bethel, all I can share is what came from a man who was very credible and knew Mr. Schnell's life after writing his book destroyed him, he ended up "Poor and under great duress in a mental hospital.". It's sad this Elder was happy how things went, so much for praying for your enemy!

    The Elder who said this, he died "poor and under great duress himself", he was living off the Government even though he never paid taxes in his life!

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