Jehovah's Witness Conventioneers Lend A Helping Hand (?)

by Gayle 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gayle

    To what extent or degree do JWs do this?,, it says 300 JWs volunteered,,was it just part of a day?,,how long do they do this?

  • booby

    It's to help the poor and needy, not to hopefully make their stay in the community more acceptable to the community . . . . yea right. They probably use this community because of the ecomomic benefits, and feel that they might have to grease the wheels at city hall. Oh, why am I so dubious about the motives of the Society. I have NEVER heard of something like this. They always clean up the meeting places, but of course they are the main benefactors.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Oh we absolutely did this for EVERY convention site we were borrowing but people think its just selfless. What a joke. We used Sportmans Park in Chicago...a horse racing track and cleaned that shithole from one end to the other, rewiring, scraping nasty urinals, and horse poop smell and dirt track dust all over every surface was our pay for our good deed. You think for a NANOSECOND the owners of those conventions DONT want the stupid JWs to come in and overhaul the place? LOLOL!

    Who wouldnt ???? Would the JWs have gone and cleaned up that CITY in the article ON THEIR OWN?? Shit no they wouldnt have.


    If the WBT$ wants to use a facility..They will use all the free JW labour and JW donated supplies they can get..It makes the WBT$ look good and costs them nothing..JW`s think they are special,even though they supplied everything..Everyone go`s home happy........................OUTLAW

  • shamus100

    Ah... just a preview of what the new system will be like. Only the fun will be gone after day 450000.

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