JWs can become anointed at any time??

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  • lavendar

    Someone in a previous thread stated this regarding the "new light" on the 1914 teaching:

    People can still become anointed at any time.

    I'm curious (as usual).........HOW do these JWs know they're anointed? WHO supposedly anoints them? Do they hear a little voice inside their heads??


  • bluecanary

    I've been told that they "just know" in the sense that you just know that you are male or female. Considering how many people these days are gender confused I find that description less than helpful.

  • Blueeyes54

    Thank you, thank you for asking that question. I am anointed and I will discuss it. There is a hush, hush code of silence amongst the JWs on this very important subject. When I was a little girl in the 50's I had the privelege of knowing anointed and my folks taught me to look at their faith not their personality. I became anointed in 1983. It happens exactly like Paul said in Romans chapter eight. There is a branding on the heart of adoption by God. It is so sure, that there never remains a question of who you now are, and the role you now play in the Kingdom. Because of the persecution I have recieved from amongst my own people I would not have ever asked for it on my own nor assumed it. It is not easy, as an anointed is questioned about their calling at every turn of the corner. It is like living under a microscope for them and their family. A standard of perfection above God's is expected of them. Would I say yes to Jehovah God today should it have happened currently? Of course as, he is our sovereign and life giver. I can truthfully say I have run the race and have the stripes to prove it. On the other hand I have been used in ways of great joy that I would not trade for any other. To help a person spiritually recover from the deepest pits of despair makes one awful moment of dicount worth it.

  • lavendar

    Thanks bluecanary! For so many years, the WTS was so strict on the 1914 teaching......but I guess since most of that generation are dying off, they had to get "new light", huh?

    TIME always seems to be the enemy of every cult.

  • bluecanary

    It goes hand in hand with the teaching of what the "generation" that wouldn't pass away before the end means. First they said it was those people alive in 1914. Then they changed it to mean the type of wicked worldly conditions that exist in this general time. Now it's referring specifically to the anointed. And since there can be more anointed at any time, this system can be prolonged indefinitely!


    JW`s have an Annointed on-off switch.........I knew a guy who became a Annointed JW.......Years later he he quit and protested assemblys with a bullhorn............................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • cattails

    Those who read the gospels by themselves and put their trust in Jesus as Savior

    can come to believe they are anointed by Spirit, born again (from above) as the

    scriptures say but they'll have to ignore the ranting WT admonishing everyone

    to hope for life in an Earthly paradise and not even think of going to heaven

    because they aren't humble enough like their Governing Body is supposed to be.

    (1 John 5:1 )

  • Waffles

    I personally knew a brother who was DF'd for years due to being involved in the spirit realm, then got re-instated, and 1 year later decided that he was anointed. He now partakes annually and is accepted as being of the anointed although only in his late 30's.

  • Amazing

    Yes, any JW can become 'Anointed' at any time. The two best Watchtower discussions on this are in the book, Life Everlasting in the Freedom of the Sons of God" - 1966 and the January 15, 1952 Watchtower ... I posted in detail on this in the following thread:


    Essentially, a JW self-determines if one wants to be anointed. God does not 'zap' JWs, nor do they hear little voices. While a JW Elder, I also professed to be anointed for over 20 years of the 25 years I was a JW.

    Today, I consider all Christians anointed ... it is among the many features that help Christians understand their relationship with God ... being a child of God.

  • believingxjw


    Thank you so much for your post.

    If it's not too personal may I ask as an anointed were there some teachings in the Watchtower you felt were incomplete or needed some, shall we say, tweaking.

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