The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (1979)

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  • Yizuman

    Been looking for this movie and I don't trust these so called DVDs for a simple reason, most of them are copies directly from a VHS tape, so the quality will be grainy and such.

    It's not officially out on DVD but I am trying to reach Lindsay Wagner to see if she can do anything to get this movie be released on DVD.

    But, if anyone has a copy that has a very good quality viewing and knows how to convert VHS to AVI or something of that nature, I just wanna see that movie again. It stuck on me since I first saw it, left me with a very good impression of the storyline in this film. Kinda sci-fi in a way in the mix. If you had see "The Lake House", it's sorta like that in a way.

    Anyway, I'll just keep my eye out.


  • oompa

    Amazon sell it in what looks like original vhs tapes.....and dang it gets good reviews.....i may check it out.......oomps

  • cognac

    There you are Oompa!!! Hi!!!

    PS... Sorry to highjack your thread Yiz...

  • Yizuman

    Yeah, it is an awesome movie.

    I am hoping for a DVD someday soon.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Try bittorrent

  • Yizuman

    did, no seeds, just leechers

  • song19

    I really like that movie too!

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