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    Somebody has asked me for help with getting these scans:

    *** Kingdom Ministry 2/1979 Page 7 Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples *** What is loyalty?

    *** Kingdom Ministry 8/1982 Page 1 Youths-Serve Jehovah With Loyalty ***

    Non-trivial project is underway :-)))

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    Don't have the scan, they probably already have this, but posting it anyway, just in case.

    Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples


    15 min: Song 13. General announcements. Discussion of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Twentieth Century brochure, pages 23, 24, on the “Practical Value of the ‘Good News’ to Your Community.” Invite well-qualified young readers, brothers or sisters, to read paragraphs. Then ask questions for audience to answer. Emphasize that Christianity is practical and that, when witnessing, we can use this material to help others to appreciate the “good news.”

    25 min: “How Does God’s Kingdom Affect Your Family?” Base introductory comments on paragraphs 1-3. Then cover remaining paragraphs thoroughly; be sure to read scriptures and get comments as to what they should mean in our lives. When discussing paragraph 7, get comments from local publishers as to what they are doing to help other members of their own family in the field service. Emphasize that all who are truly disciples of Jesus Christ need to be conscientious about responding to the rule of God’s kingdom. Please make full use of what is printed in the article in Our Kingdom Service.

    15 min: “Presenting the Good News—To Families.” After introductory comments on paragraph 1, ask audience questions on paragraphs 2 and 3. Demonstrate presentation found in paragraph 4, but interrupt it at appropriate points and invite audience to comment on it, telling what they felt was effective, as well as suggestions for perhaps making the presentation more effective by fitting it to the specific householder. Cover remainder of article with questions. Stress that our objective in using the new book is to make disciples—if possible, involving entire families in Bible discussions.

    5 min: Service arrangements should be made clear to all. Conclude with song 119 and prayer.


    12 min: Song 16. General announcements, including brief accounts report. Cover Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Twentieth Century brochure, pages 25 and 26, “Their Worldwide Organization and Work.” Handled by talk, but involving audience by asking them questions. Tie in 1979 Yearbook, citing how many were baptized and how many Bible studies were conducted, and what the local congregation did to contribute to these figures.

    18 min: Continue in brochure, pages 26-31, “Questions Often Asked About Them.” Have various family groups assigned in advance to consider selected questions that would be most appropriate for congregation’s territory. Discuss how these might be answered in the field service, or when interested persons ask questions. Emphasize that being equipped to answer questions is important to disciple-making.

    23 min: “Do You Prepare as a Family?” Elder discusses with family the value of reading the Bible together as a family, as well as preparing together for meetings and field service. Actually discuss the suggestions in the article. Have parent demonstrate how he could teach his child a simple presentation for the Family Life book; emphasize to the child that he should be interested in disciple-making, so he should take one of his parents or another publisher back to aid any who show interest. In connection with paragraph 10, have a youth in the audience raise his hand and ask, How can I have a family study when my parents are not in the truth? Discuss how he can be helped.

    7 min: Mention the need of applying suggestions in the future to assist all in bearing much fruit and proving ourselves Christ’s disciples in harmony with yeartext. Invite audience to read and study over Revelation 2 and 3 before next week’s meeting. Service announcements. Song 60 and prayer.


    8 min: Song 3 and general announcements.

    20 min: To Whom Shall We Go as Families? Present as talk and involve audience with questions outlined below; discuss scriptures as time permits.

    Constant pressure is on families to turn them from serving Jehovah. Each family member’s loyalty is being severely tested. Must have confidence in the direction and lead Jehovah provides through Christ. Discuss John 14:6. No present or future hope apart from God’s provision through Jesus.—Acts 4:12.

    Early Christians faced similar tests of loyalty. When Jesus presented a difficult Scriptural truth, some turned away, but not Peter. (John 6:67-69) Do we have the same spirit? Why is it important for family members to feel like Peter?

    What would we gain by turning away? Association with a loveless world, perhaps a few sensual thrills, a return to mind-darkening doctrines, a short aimless life filled with problems, a void to be filled by the demons.—2 Pet. 2:19-22; compare Luke 11:24-26.

    What do we have and keep by remaining under the headship of Christ? The benefits of Christ’s ransom, the Bible as a guide to our lives, a solid hope of a paradise earth, hope of resurrection of the dead, privilege of bearing the name of Jehovah, clear vision of the clear-cut difference between Jehovah’s organization and Satan’s, opportunities to share good news with others, a life of purpose and real hope.—John 14:19; 1 Pet. 3:18; Matt. 6:10; Isa. 43:10, 11; John 15:19.

    To remain under Christ’s leadership, we need strong faith. How can each family member build faith to benefit all in the family? (Rom. 10:17) Disciple-making under the command of Jesus draws us together and strengthens our faith, as we help others the way we have been helped. (Matt. 28:19, 20) What else is required of our families in order to have Jehovah’s approval?—John 15:4, 10. (Stress unity and obedience.)

    As families we want to stick close to Jehovah under the headship of Christ and those appointed to look after the flock. Show by daily conduct that we have the same appreciation expressed by Peter.—John 6:67-69.

    25 min: “Hear What the Spirit Says to the Congregations.” To be handled by elder with fine teaching qualifications.

    Brief introductory comments: Last month we discussed inspired messages to congregations of Ephesus, Smyrna and Pergamum, and their application to congregations today. Emphasize how the messages to the congregations of Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea are beneficial to congregations today, and also to many families that make up these congregations.

    (Invite all to open Bibles to Revelation chapter 2. Audience participation.) Who is the one with “eyes like a fiery flame” that is inspecting the congregations and their overseers? What was commendable about the Thyatira congregation? (Rev. 2:18, 19) What kind of woman was Jezebel? What things did she teach? What was her attitude? What will happen in our day to those unrepentantly following a similar course? Can Jesus as head of the congregation today know of wrongdoing not apparent to others? (vss. 20-23) What are the “deep things of Satan”? How can we as individuals and families avoid getting to know these “deep things”? (vs. 24; “Finished Mystery” book, p. 148) What encouragement is given for us today, in verse 25? In what activity will faithful anointed ones share? What does their receiving “the morning star” mean? (vss. 26-28; fm, pp. 149-153)

    Are we like the congregation in Sardis? How could people today appear to be alive but be dead? (3:1, 2) Of what do both congregations and families need to be mindful? Why? (vs. 3) Since the “outer garments” indicate one’s appearance as a Christian, what is required of us as Christians if we want the reward of everlasting life? (vss. 4-6)

    Are we like the congregation in Philadelphia? Are we responding to the open door of Christian activity? How can we do so as families? (vs. 8) How has the “synagogue of Satan” done obeisance before the feet of the anointed? (vs. 9; fm, pp. 172-174) What rewards are promised the faithful anointed ones in Philadelphia? What does this indicate regarding faithful ones today? (vss. 10-13)

    What was the problem with the congregation in Laodicea? What is the significance of being lukewarm? In what way could this happen to us today? (vss. 14-16) In what sense were the Laodiceans “miserable and pitiable and poor and blind and naked”? How could families be in that same state today? What remedy is prescribed for recovery? How can Christians make use of that remedy today? (vss. 17, 18) How are we encouraged to respond to Christ’s discipline? (vs. 19)

    Conclusion: Must be ever conscious that we are under inspection as congregations and families. Salvation does not come merely from claiming to be Jehovah’s Witnesses. Let us each pay attention to what the spirit says to the congregations.

    7 min: Field service announcements and encouragement to apply year’s text in our lives. Song 33 and prayer.


    5 min: Song 48 and general announcements.

    30 min: What Are We Doing with What We Are Learning?

    Work needs to be done on this part WELL IN ADVANCE. Many fine field points and points to help us in our everyday lives are covered in our service meeting, the Theocratic School and the congregation book study each week. Are we using what we are learning? On this part, use 10 minutes for each of these meetings. Early in the month, assign one or two book study groups to cover each of the three meetings, picking different groups than were used the previous month, if possible. Ask them to be alert to use points gleaned from material discussed at these meetings. They may use such points in making a personal decision, in informal witnessing, when going from house to house, on return visits or in any other way. We would like to hear their experiences on this program. This should not be a review of the meetings but should highlight how material from the meetings has actually been used.

    20 min: Serve Loyally—Do Not Give Up! Elder to discuss following material with audience. Scriptures should be included in the discussion.

    What is loyalty? (Eph. 4:24) If you know that a member of the congregation is guilty of serious wrongdoing, what should loyalty move you to do? (Lev. 5:1) If you heard a critical report about a brother, what would loyalty move you to do? (Ps. 50:20, 21; 1 Tim. 5:19) If there was an opportunity of making quite a bit of money, but it was at the possible risk of doing harm to our Christian brothers, what course would loyalty move us to take?—Prov. 28:20; 1 Tim. 6:9, 10.

    What situations today could test the loyalty of young Christians? How was young Joseph able to resist the pressures and temptations to commit immorality? What do we learn by the expression “day after day” in connection with this temptation? How could similar situations come up at school? (Gen. 39:7-12) How could Eli’s sons have been a test to young Samuel’s loyalty? Could similar tests be exerted on young ones from within God’s congregation today?—1 Sam. 2:12-18.

    Conclude with encouragement to make loyalty a part of our personality.—Eph. 4:24; 1 Thess. 2:10.

    5 min: Service announcements. Song 65 and prayer.


    Youths—Serve Jehovah With Loyalty

    1 Loyalty and godly devotion are essentials of true worship. (2 Tim. 2:19) Jehovah God rightly expects each of us to maintain a devoted attachment to him and his visible earthly organization. (Ps. 30:4; 31:23) To do this in such troublous times we must keep a clear view of our purpose in life and not allow our loyal love for Jehovah to suffer erosion. Christian youths in particular are undergoing a relentless assault on their love of God.—2 Tim. 2:22.

    2 Loyalty to Jehovah and his organization is necessary if we are to gain everlasting life. At this time of testing, how can Christian youths maintain integrity? In what ways can we manifest loyalty in the congregation? The family? How might parents and others encourage loyalty to God and the family?


    3 Although the springtime of life should be a joyous experience, it brings with it serious responsibilities. (Eccl. 11:9–12:1) A principal decision young ones face involves dedication and baptism. Also, there is the selection of theocratic and secular goals. One’s choice of associates must be carefully examined. Each decision should reflect loyal love for Jehovah and the congregation. This is the only course that brings genuine satisfaction, peace of mind and true happiness.—Ps. 149:1, 4.

    4 Young ones generally feel a keen sense of loyalty to friends. This can present real tests when such companions get involved in unchristian conduct. Many youths then face situations involving divided loyalties. Will you report serious wrongdoing or ignore it as if it never happened? Genuine regard for Christian associates and love of God will no doubt move you to report this in line with the principle at Leviticus 5:1. Christian youths thereby avoid becoming “a party to wickedness” by yielding to a false sense of loyalty.—Deut. 13:6-8; Organization, page 181.

    5 There are a number of factors that make the above situations a challenge to the course of loyalty. First of all, as one young brother expressed it, some youths are affected by a “spirit of selfishness” rather than genuine love for their friends. (Lev. 19:17; Prov. 27:5, 6) This causes them to hesitate in getting involved so as to avoid losing the friendship of those whose wrongs have been exposed. (Prov. 9:8) Some younger ones and their parents, due to spiritual weakness, may be resentful for a time when such wrongdoing is reported. But this should not deter loyal youths from speaking up. By far, the majority of the congregation appreciate and respect such courageous loyalty in our young ones.

    6 Loyal youths share in congregation meetings, as well as in the field ministry. They avoid isolating themselves. (Prov. 18:1) Increasing numbers of young ones are rejecting high-paying jobs or higher education in favor of a career in the ministry. They humbly accept counsel and direction from older ones that will enable them to continue in loyal sacred service.


    7 What fine opportunities youths have to contribute to family unity and to grow spiritually! Although at times some who have associated with the truth from infancy may feel they have “missed something,” others who were in the world before learning the truth feel deep regrets over their bad experiences and wasted lives. How refreshing it is to see youths who have loyally submitted to parental direction in the truth! Reflecting on his personal experience and how much his mother had helped him spiritually, one Bethel brother expressed appreciation that he was never a part of the world and its ways.

    8 All in the congregation can do much to encourage young ones in loyal service. Help them set spiritual goals of working in behalf of the congregation and eventual full-time service. (See Proverbs 16:3.) Share regularly with them in the ministry.

    9 A spirit of rebelliousness pervades this dying old system. Acts of disloyalty are the order of the day. Whether young or old, we must counteract any trends that could undermine our worship of Jehovah. Look to Jehovah for the joys and blessings his service affords. Youths, view life’s responsibilities soberly and face each day’s challenges with loyalty and godly devotion.

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    I have turned the house over twice. I know we had them going back pre 74.

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    My wife could go straight to it, but it is not the sort of thing I like to ask her. She sees demons flying out of my ears when I ask for WT info.

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    I have full year sets going back to 1944 with the Informants up to 2007.Any one with extra 2008's or 2009's give me a pm. Again I have no problem sharing with anyone on JWD, if I can.


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