I had a dream about free2think last night!!

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  • Kudra

    In my dream she called me as I was driving to work (to a job that I don't have any more) and I was driving the car from the backseat and was having a hard time seeing the road and talking to her on my cumbersome new cellphone.

    She was telling me that I had better hurry up and post on the Aposta-Tahoe thread about getting a reservation for the campsite because they would fill up and she needs to know what is going on so she can make plans!

    Weird! f2t is not even coming to the aposta-fest this august... Wish she could, tho!

    The only part in the dream that made sense was the sensation of trying to drive a car from the backseat- I think I know wherre that is coming from!!


  • PEC

  • GoddessRachel

    When is the Tahoe-Apostafest?

  • free2think

    lol Im honoured to be in your dream Kudra and i really wish i could come.

    We're having a lil fest over here tomorrow, in manchester, which im really excited about.

    I hope you have a fantastic time at you fest.

  • Kudra

    Ha- it was a weird dream, eh?

    One of these days!!

  • Kudra

    Oh- also, I bumped the Tahoe-fest page up...

    It seems no one is seeing it!!! Not even the folks who ARE coming!!!

  • GoddessRachel

    I'll go look for it!

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