Aborted Babies and Miscarriages: Resurrected or no?

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  • nbernat

    I'm sure most JWs would say they wouldn't be resurrected because they were never born and because they have no family/don't know anyone, but doesn't that defeat the belief that (in Psalms I believe it's found) a fertilized egg is as valuable as any other human life?

    Does anyone have any quotations from the Watchtowers?

  • BluesBrother

    The recent WT April 15 2009 - QFR p 12/13, "Is there any hope of a resurrection for a baby that dies in its Mothers womb?"

    Answer - [paraphrased ]-

    Maybe....They agree that life begins at conception, The Bible does not directly answer the question, but "all things are possible with God" , the practical questions about how it would be done should not them saying that it is possible. If God wills it to happen, it could.

    Without being dogmatic the article leads the reader to believe that a resurrection may occur.


  • sammielee24

    We were told by no less than 4 JW's, active ones, that this in fact is the 'enlightened' understanding. A resurrection will occur. As was pointed out to us, this 'new' directive proves once again that the faithful and discreet slave aka the GB, provides food for the faithful and brings forth 'new light' every step of the way. What once was not - now becomes truth. sammieswife.

  • milola

    My father often talks aboout the child my mother lost at six months of pregnancy coming back. I want so badly to ask him if she is going to become pregnant again or if this baby is just going to turn up on the front porch, especially when he tells me that if I don't make it thru armegeddon or am not ressurected he will have no memory of me. Things that make you go hmmm.

  • nbernat

    Yeah perusing the study magazine i just realized the question had been asked. :( They gave no answer...why take a question to which tehre is no answer?

  • blondie

    Because they had given an answer previously that left many women (and men) disheartened as to the resurrection of these children. Plus the reasoning that a baby is a life from the moment of conception re abortion and then saying that a baby was not really alive until they drew breath was cruelly contradictory. The WTS often resorts to apparent new understanding to get themselves out of a jam.

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