I really have to vent

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Sorry folks, but I am really pissed right now and have to vent or I will explode.

    Some of you may remember that my wife's dad has been mistreated by his pioneer wife in the past and that I even called the police and social services on her. Well, she did ok for a few months after the cop told her he would be looking in on my father in law from time to time.

    Well, now he is being treated badly by his own brother besides the wife. His brother is the douchebag that has been pioeering while being a drunkard and a wife abuser. He is a bully that tried to force his body of elders to make him an elder with threats of beatings. Well, I am sorry to say that my FIL was up on a ladder outside and fell and pulverized his pelvis where the leg bone attaches. He was in agony and crying out for help. Well a (worldly) neighbor ran from across the street to help and the wife came outside to tell him to shut up or people would think she was abusing him again.

    His brother lives right next door to him and he strolled over to look at my FIL. He stared at him for several seconds, shrugged and said...."Oh" and walked away. The neighbor and my FIL's wife kept calling him over to help and he just ignored them. The sonofabitch.

    My FIL had been in the hospital until today when they moved him to a convalescent care facility for therapy. Well things did not go well there and my FIL told his wife to bring him home. She refused. So he asked us to pick him up and take him home and we did. The wife was all mad when we got there and she told my wife that since he came home she was not going to take care of him. I am thinking of calling the social worker and the cop again.

    It get's good now because my wife told another uncle about what the bully uncle did by abandoning my FIL when he needed help. So the other uncle is going to straighten him out but it gets better. They have lots of elders in the family and one of my FILs sisters had told her po hubby and he got his boe to contact uncle shitass's congregation to inform them of not only this neglectful conduct but to report his drunkenness and malicious behavior.

    What really angers me is that none of the family wants to do anything outside the congregation. They think that an ass kicking and the elders slapping his wrist is good enough. It is very frustrating to me to see him suffer so much and no one do anything substantial to alleviate his condition.

    Thanks for listening.....

    Lorenzo aka TotH

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep


    That's a good head of steam you have on there TotH.

    I am not surprised.

    Doesn't make me want to rush off to a meeting to 'feel the Love'.


  • LouBelle

    hello dear Tired - yes they think that fear of being told on to the elders is good enough to straighten anyone out. Alas this just isn't so.

    If the MIL doesn't take care of FIL - well you could always ask social services to get involved (as a concerned citizen)

  • cameo-d

    I really feel for your FIL. What horrible surroundings to be in. And the way he was treated by his brother next door when he needed help was unf*^# believable!

    I think your FIL will just deteroriate under those circumstances. What a horrible end of life scenerio!

    Would it be possible that he could stay with your family? This man needs love and attention. It does not sound like he will be getting either where he is now.

    I do think the brother's refusal to aid in the situation should be reported since you have a witness of the neighbor lady.

    Someone in a position of authority needs to know this background. There is an elder abuse hotline. I suggest you call them immediately.

  • chickpea

    never ceases to amaze me how well
    dysfunction is camoflauged within the b0rg

    so sorry about the circumstance this
    man finds himself in... continue to advocate
    and intercede for him.... it is beyond
    being "christian", it is humane

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I hope you keep up on reporting elder abuse as many times you need . This poor man ......... He needs at least one good soul to look out for his interests . If you have a cop that is familar with the situation why not give him an update about your FIL ,at least maybe he WILL check up on the situation .

    My god this has risen MY blood pressure in an unhealthy degree

  • iknowall558

    Love is the identifying mark...........? Worse than hypocrites !

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    "Would it be possible that he could stay with your family?"

    Cameo D, we have invited him several times but he insists on staying in his own home. We live across the street so we are close. It is so frustrating because my kids and I are always offering to do yard work and chores so he won't have to jeopardize himself. He is very independant and has run us off a few times saying thanks but he needs to be active. So we do what we can. In this case I am calling officer Lopez and giving him an update.

  • restrangled

    What a horrible situation. No wonder you are so angry!

    I would be very afraid of sending FIL back home to his wife. He literally would be at her mercy.

    keep us posted.


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