The Watchtower Society, God's personal Publishing House

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  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    While still attending meetings and going out in service as a JW lad, one of the elders in my hall chatted with me

    after a meeting and said something that I can still can recall some 30 years latter , he just got back from working

    at Bethel in Brooklyn and to my surprise he said " Aw the organization was just a Publishing

    House " I remember acknowledging what he said and walked away wondering why did he said that.

    This after all was a very well respected elder and his wife was a special pioneer. Over a period of time a

    light was set off and I resolved within myself that all this end times talk and Armageddon soon to come

    was just a marketing ploy that the organization was using to promote their literature a very cunning

    exploitation on the belief in the bible and of bible scripture.

    In review of the very beginning of the WTS. there was always an in obvious marketing agenda behind

    the curtain so to speak that still is in full operation today. To me this was was to immoral of a thing to

    support I was more than willing to devout myself to god and his son but I wasn't about to

    support something this dishonest or promote this to the public . The acceptance that the WTS. was

    really god's only solemn earthly organization was shattered and I eventually left with no big fanfare or commotion.

    Its just a different perspective that I wish more people would come to realize.

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