Is it possible for God to be "Courageous"?

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    What say you?

  • Amazing

    Good question. Courage is only mentioned a few times in the Bible, always the OT, and is always applied to humans.

    Courage means the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear (or in spite of fear); bravery. God certainly cannot face danger or be afraid, for he is the big boss, all powerful, so nothing can threaten him personally. Yet, he does face risk that his creation and servants may not obey him, and cause him trouble ... yet he stands firm in his own ways. Another way to look at it: If Jesus is the third person of the Trinity, and thus a member of the Godhead, then he certanly exhibited courage and bravery by becoming human and dying for our sins. So, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit have the capacity to be courageous ... that is how they could give that quality to humans during creation.

  • gubberningbody

    I wonder too about "Love". How can you have a quality like that without an object of affection? Was God constrained to lack that quality until he finally lost his nerve and actually did something by performing an act of creation?

  • gubberningbody
  • WTWizard

    The fact is, Jehovah is nothing more than an Almighty Lowlife Scumbag. He causes tribulation, frustrations, Dark Ages's, and suffering. And then He hides where no one can retaliate like for like--I would like nothing more than to burgle heaven and set up the exact same conditions, deprivations, and even a Dark Ages, that that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag has set up for me and/or is trying to use me to set up for all of us.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I think that Pastafarians might believe that HE is courageous by jumping into that pot of boiling water.....

    Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway. John Wayne

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