Canvassing for the Convention?

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  • quinnsmom

    What are they up to now? Just had to nice JWs at my door trying to place a brochure about the convention. This has probably been covered here before, I know the memorial attendance drive but not the convention one? I told them I am an inactive witness and their smiles quickly turned to frowns and said yeah, sorry I'm done, no thank you.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Yes, there has been a campaign the last 2 years or so the weeks before the assembly inviting people in the territory.

  • WTWizard

    Just another way to waste their time and energy (and paper). They should be preparing for the trip, finalizing arrangements, figuring out what they are going to eat and how they are going to get it there, and things like that. Rather, they are stuck out there placing wastes of paper again--sure a good way to finalize parking arrangements, motel rooms, and things like that.

  • chickpea

    cheap mode of manufacturing "hours"
    that can be reported as kingdom preaching...
    a slip of paper and a scripted "you are invited"
    spiel is a sure-fire way to prod irregulars back
    out in service... "bro fence-sitter, care to join
    me for an hour after the public talk to invite
    the public to our upcoming convention"....
    toss in an assuarance of a lunch break? bingo!

    crikey! a monkey with a "please read this"
    sign around its neck could accomplish as much.....

  • rockmehardplace

    chickpea nailed it with the irregular ones. also, it is great boost to get people to aux pioneer in the summer months with some easy hours.

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