how much $$$ does the society make???

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  • NINfan05

    my husband and i were talking about this much do they make in a given year on donations?? and where does it all go?

    any thoughts??

  • cattails

    Ballparking and half-informed guessing, I would say...

    Typical congregation of 70 x 100,000 congregations = 7,000,000

    so far so good... there's that many Witnesses in the world now...

    typical congregation of 70 x $20 monthly contribution = $1,400

    which is about what they are in my congregation.

    Now 100,000 congregations x $1,400 = $140,000,000

    as possible income... take away thousands from Third World

    countries that can't contribute that much, and add thousands

    from a lot of the older ones who have left homes, inheritance

    moneys, life insurance policies, etc. to the Watchtower... more

    than would make up or at least balance out for 3rd World countries

    I think.

    So $140,000,000 x 12 months = $1,680,000,000 p.yr.

    Even half of that would be astronomical, wouldn't it?

    A fourth of it even, it's a lot of money!

  • DaCheech

    not enough anymore. they invest alot of money in the market too (they're taking a bath)

  • jamiebowers

    There's a lot more than monthly contributions and inheritances involved when you also consider the money made at asemblies and the fact that the WB&TS's product is published and distributed with free labor. And if that's not sweet enough, they have a guaranteed customer base.

  • bobld

    Plus all the properties they have sold.


  • WTWizard

    Too damn much. If they keep this up, they will seize the governments, and then they will claim ownership to everything (including your home, your computer, etc.) and everyone (including you).

    Second Dark Ages anyone? If you don't want to have it happen, I suggest not donating anything to that organization--not even a penny.

  • NINfan05

    thats alot of money

  • koolaid-man

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