A cool little youtube video to watch...

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  • Tuesday

    I'm pretty sure this is based on one of my older theories regarding Satan being the true God and Jehovah being the devil and writing the bible from his perspective in order to stop people from worshipping the true God Satan. This is one of my smaller points in that theory, but this video is short, sweet and I think pretty fantastic.


  • loosie

    IS that you in the video Tuesday? I love that fish in the tank.

  • Tuesday

    Not me, someone who left due to my videos though.

  • cattails

    It's gunshy!




  • Tuesday

    When he started commenting on my videos I never in a million years thought he would leave. I was SHOCKED when he told me he left. Shocked is actually an understatement, f**king flabberghasted is probably better.

    But yes it's Gunshy, and it's a fantastic video!

  • Elsewhere

    I've wondered the same thing. When you really stop and think about it, the god of the bible has caused all sorts of pain and suffering in the world while satan has only tried to help humans.

    Which of the two is the good guy and who is the bad guy?

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    the other propaganda techniques he describes are pretty good. Especially this one



    p.s. you might have to paste the link

  • awildflower

    For anyone interested in the subject of the Trees and Knowledge you have got to get the book The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz. I'm am just now reading it and it fits beautifully with this subject. I typed the first chapter for a friend, I's it ok to post it here or are there some rules about that? You guys will hear a totally different explanation of that 'Knowledge'. Is the guy that did the video on these boards? I would love to recommend this book to him.........wf

  • Tuesday

    I don't know about posting an entire chapter of a book. He's on youtube under propogandatechniques and on JWS as Gunshy. When he left I suggested this board but it was when it was temporarily not accepting members.

  • awildflower

    Thanks for the info. The chapter is short, shorter than a lot of things I've seen on the boards I just wondered if there was a rule against posting someone's work. I don't know, I'll wait for some other responses I guess. Maybe I could sent it to gunshy in a pm? Or to anyone else who wants it in a pm?.........wf

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