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  • thomas15

    As I have mentioned before, I have a co-worker friend who is a long-time JW. 5 years ago, both of us (as well of a few others at my workplace) relocated to NE PA from the Jersey shore. My friend, who is at retirement age btw, lives about 30 miles from me. There is a KH in my town.

    My friend took this week off (vacation) for a little bit of Special Pioneering Fun! He is in West Virginia right now as we speak, in Field Service! When he gets back next week it will be with great difficulty that I reframe from asking him why he would travel to WV when 30 miles to the north there are many lost ones who have not heard the good news of the WT. And I know this because there have been no knocks on my door since we moved here, June 2004. I will strain to avoid mentioning that the Mormons have been at my door numerous times and they (The Mormons) have an annual "Public Safety Day" at their church for the public (I'm a fire fighter and in charge of fire education in my town so they get me to participate) this shows in my opinion, interest in the general public. But not a peep from the JWs. Is there not a great need in my neighborhood?

    What kind of response would I probably get from him, assuming that I say all of this in a positive way?

  • Mattieu

    Hi Thomas,

    No doubt you would get the standard induced response “why are you being negative about the large door of activity that has been opened up to us?”

    That was the response I got a few years ago when I asked why car groups were being organised in our congo to go help a rural cong some 4 hours drive away in country Victoria. Our own congo is on the list to serve where the need is great, we do not cover our territory according to the borgs timetable and we have an extensive amount of rural maps ourselves. (Our congo is on the edge of Melbourne, so we have city & country maps).

    It was just an excuse for an elite group to go off to blow their own trumpets (and each other). The PO, sorry, co-ordinator of the body of elders, used to leave his wife at home whilst he joined a car group that also had in it a single pioneer sister that he used to spend a bit of time with in the door to door work....


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