"Energy" drinks... have you tried them?

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  • Gregor

    These things are extemely popular. They seem to share the common ingredients of taurine and caffiene, flavorings, and either an artificial sweentener or sugar.

    My youngest son has invested in a distributor deal for one of the up and coming brands that is concentrated and sold in a little 2 swallow bottle, rather than a big 12 or 16oz can. He has vending machines and counter displays. I had never tried one until he gave me some samples and it was a pleasant taste and a nice "buzz" I would compare to two or three cups of coffee. A gentle let down after a couple of hours. I understand that some people drink these things almost constantly.

  • Hope4Others

    I have the red bull (80mg caffiene) once in a while it gives some zip, but last week I tried the XEnergy drinks I was hyped up for hours.

    It had 180mg of caffiene....I had heart palpitations.


  • TheOldHippie

    I have never tried, but since I read RedBull had small remnants of cocaine in it - now I desperately WANT to.

    I hear the mixture of coffe and coke is good for athletes, so perhaps for me too?

  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • passwordprotected

    Red Bull makes me feel ill, especially the sugared variety. I've been drinking a sugar-free supermarket own brand for several months and it's actually very good. Nice gentle lift and no headachey aftermath.

  • caliber

    According to the slogan, Red Bull gives you wings. But what else exactly does Red Bull and other energy drinks provide? Questions have been raised over the safety of energy drinks ever since we learned of their caffeine content. And despite claims to improve performance, stimulate the metabolism and increase concentrationNo authority has ever discovered or proven an unhealthy effect in or from Red Bull,” says the company spokesman. “We could only have such global sales because health authorities have concluded it is safe to consume. No one has ever shown a link between Red Bull and harmful effects.”

    After independent scientific research, Britain’s Food Standards Agency believes energy drinks such as Red Bull are as safe as any other drinks for adults to consume in moderation.

    Yes I think it give me a little buzz... to me it's just a more concentrated caffeine fix with a sweet taste

    There are other energy drink which are much stronger.. can't think of names right now .

    Caffeine can increase anxiety, panic, some stomach problems, and some cardiac arrhythmias. Although some data suggest that drinking coffee can be good for you, "we should not mistake coffee or caffeine as a health food," Griffiths said.

    other ingredients .. found in other drinks

    Taurine Guarana B Vitamins
    Ginkgo Biloba L-Carnitine
  • jws

    I had a pub crawl to go to one night that started at 10pm. But I was dragging due to the kids waking me earlier than I wanted to wake up. I took one of those 5 hour energy drinks in the little bottles and was up until about 5am.

    I don't normally use caffiene. No soft drinks, no coffee. So maybe it had more of an effect on me. When I was about 20, I had a similar experience with either NoDoz or Vivarin the first time I tried it. But, the more I used them, the less effective they were.

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