Have you noticed that the Mormon and JW websites try to appeal as looking "normal" and "mainstream"

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  • yogosans14


    For instance look at the Mormon website versus JW.org

    they both look colorful and try to paint themselves as "normal everyday people" and they don't fully explain all there beliefs for obvious reasons. Now the BORG with this JW broadcasting (which even mormonism has something similar to this) are doing trying to appeal to the masses as normal. I find this rather funny because the BORG has always tried to present itself as "different from everybody else"

  • joe134cd
    • Yeah so much for been no part of the world. Funny thing about it the R&F have got no idea that it's changing before their very eyes.
  • millie210

    You are right!

    The websites are even similar in style to one another. It looks like they copied and by they I guess it would be the JWs since the Mormon stuff was already there.

    The Mormons dont mention the magic underwear and the JWs downplay their DF policy - yep, trying to appeal rather than reveal.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    I was hoping they went with more of a Sex Pistols driven vibe, but I think I'll be waiting a long time for that one. Even Public Image Ltd would suffice. Anger is an energy you know.

  • Vidiot

    Personally, I think the LDS's mainstreaming efforts might actually be pretty sincere.


    The WTS, though? Window dressing through and through.

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