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by hamsterbait 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • hamsterbait

    Apparently there is a websit to do with TOPIX where we can see Reniaa being thrashed?


  • Black Sheep
  • Waffles

    The site is busy as hell, but the signal to noise ratio there is horrible. If you think it's bad having Ninja and John Doe gunk up the works, you ain't seen nothing until you spend a few hours on Topix.

  • wobble

    They have this JW guy on there, called "Gareth". who presents all the WT crap as though it is correct, he then gets a good thrashing,but comes back like Reniaa,for more stick, and with off-topic argument ,and does not answer clear proofs that he is wrong.

    Although I find it funny onceinawhile to visit,the insults get quite good on there! the whole tone is somewhat puerile .



  • JWdaughter

    The chick/witch from Kansas is a piece of work. She has a severe identity crisis and her name changes a lot. What a hateful piece of work.

  • AnnOMaly

    Is 'Gareth' baptized yet?

  • Waffles

    No, Gareth says that he is not baptized, and uses that as his excuse for posting on the internet and talking with apostates. The guy has close to 16,000 posts on there. He's a JW apologist machine.

    To be fair though, I like having the stray JW defender here and there. It was listening to both sides of the story that opened my mind enough to see the JW faith for what it really is in the first place.

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