Spanish bethel

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  • Newborn

    Maybe it's old news...but does the Spanish bethel have to close down?? I've heard some rumors.



  • TheOldHippie

    No, it is not closing down, but the printing facilities are being moved. But the bethel will still be there, although with fewer workers, as is the case in France, USA, some other places, because printing work is consentrated in fewer factories.

  • torre

    What I have heard from insiders is that they want to sell the whole property. Obviously, the best option would be to sell it as a whole. Due to the additions in the late 90s the property became quite big, for that reason they also would be interested in sell it divided in smaller portions, which would make easier to find buyers. At the same time they wouldn't mind to move their offices to a smaller place somewhere near Madrid. The main idea is that only oficces are going to remain. But at the moment nobody knows anything, including even the Branch Commite. Restless time for Bethelites in Spain.

    I can feel it coming in the air ...tonight, oh lord, oh lord....

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