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    The Indoctrination of Children Begins

    Posted by Kim Priestap
    Published: September 30, 2008 - 10:58 AM

    These kids are already being taught to worship Obama as if he were some kind of god. That's what kids in North Korea, Cuba, Saddam Hussein's old Iraq, and other totalitarian regimes were taught to do as well. The purpose is if they grow up seeing their leaders as god-like they're less likely to rise up against them.

    Check out the beginning of the video which says this took place at a neighbor's house in Venice, California, as if it were some kind of spontaneous, grassroots effort by a bunch of musically inclined neighborhood families, but the video itself doesn't support that. They have t-shirts with what looks like a professionally designed logo, and they had to have spent many hours with these kids teaching them to sing in harmony a song that doesn't sound like it was written by some random parent. Nope, I'm not buying what these Obama worshipers are selling.

    Children for Obama Sing

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