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  • diamondiiz

    Has anyone contacted Mexican authorities to find out an explanaition as to why WTS was permited to exist for some 50 years under a cultral banner instead of a religious one? Also, another good question to them should be that of their "Identidy Cartilla for Military Service"! How can JWs hold this document if they teach against military service and yet are at the same time holding these documents? Can't the authorities realize that these documents were obtained by illigal means and that just maybe they should look into the matter of being "defrauded" by followers of WTS?

    If no one has questioned the Mexican government as to their explation as to how these things are possible maybe we should try to find out more. I can see things being ignored by the authorities if no compains are made or if individuals ignore the facts but if people bring this to their attentions they should some how respond with some sort of logical excuse, explanation or do some investigating into a matter for themselves. Any opinions here????

  • cattails

    The Mexicans have so many other problems to deal with

    already that worrying about the WTS and the cartillas isn't

    worth their time.

  • AllRightsReserved

    Yes. The "Mexican's", they are not worried about. (authorities) Most of the Dubs are Mayan. They don't even speak spanish, or Mexican. You dig?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm curious How do u speak mexican?

  • C. T. Russell
    C. T. Russell

    wha happened - If you want to learn Mexican its helps to learn Spanglish first.

    diamondiiz - I thought they werent allowed to a have a "religous banner". Most of anti-clerical laws were lifted in '91? or around that time. Today I'm sure the goverment has better things to worry about.

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