Scan needed, the Forty-Two (42) fundamental beliefs

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  • Fatfreek

    The following quotations are from the Kingdom Ministry, December 1983. The announcement is about a "Brochure to Be Featured in Congregation Book Study".

    As announced in the October issue of OurKingdomMinistry, Congregation Book Studies for the weeks of January 1 through February 5, 1984, will be conducted in the brochure Jehovah'sWitnessesintheTwentiethCentury (1979 revised edition). ...

    The study for the week of February 5 has been set aside for considering page 13, dealing with "What Jehovah's Witnesses Believe." Forty-two fundamental beliefs are listed along with supporting Scripture texts.

    I can't find reference to the "forty-two fundamental beliefs " nor this brochure on my WT Library on CD. If you have that brochure would you be kind enough to post a scan of your copy?

    Len Miller

  • Hoping4Change

    Is this what you are looking for? (bottom of frame)

  • Fatfreek

    Exactly, that page Table of Contents, subheading hyperlink, "What do they believe".

    Thanks, Hoping4Change.


  • Atlantis

    1979--Jehovah's Witnesses in the Twentieth Century--PDF! Brochure download: Click the link at the bottom of the next page. Cheers! Atlantis!

  • yesidid

    No menton of 1914


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Yes, no mention of 1914. That's interesting. Perhaps this could be used in a Judical Committee if elders are trying to disfellowship you for not believing the 1914 teaching.

  • wobble-reborn

    Thanks for posting !

    I did an analysis of my reaction to this list (by the way I made it 43 ?) and it is interesting to me to see how much I have changed since leaving,just over a year ago.

    I did 3 columns, no. 1 where I would not disagree with the belief, even the JW view of that belief, no. 2 where I would agree with the statement but not the JW view of the belief, and no.3 column where I TOTALLY disagreed.

    In the 1st column I scored 16, the 2nd 15, and 3rd 12.

    This was done quickly, and maybe not all 16 should be in the first column, but I think it illustrates my feeling that as I said to a Dub the other day:

    "Every doctrine that they have, that is unique to them, IS WRONG ! "



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