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  • thebigdebate

    Cost of hotel room for circuit assembly - $49 (Watchtower Rate)

    Cost of new suit for District Convention - $350

    Cost of New MiniVan for field Service - $25,695

    Cost of figuring out that it is all BULLSHIT !! - PRICELESS


  • sspo

    weekly visits to shrink - $125

  • freeman

    Cost of not contributing to a 401k (with employer matching funds) for many years because we would never grow old in this system, $350k-$425k

    Cost of turning down high paying jobs because they were defense and/or government related, at least $500k.

    Cost of being screwed by an elder, having to payoff his loan after he literally moved and stopped making payments on the loan I obtained for him to help him out of a jam, about $10k.

    Cost of not taking the advice of the elders to quit my NASA dream job and instead deciding to properly support my family, later going on to have an unbelievable working career (and no I’m not that smart, I was just greatly blest) playing a major role in the security of the Hubble Space Telescope, the US Marshals Witness Protection Program, protection of DEA and ATF agents working under cover, and now at 54 years of age, I am being trusted with the awesome and humbling responsibility of designing the next generation computer / network security system for the FAA’s air traffic control system. PRICELESS!!!

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