The Loves and Hates of Cupid

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    compound complex


    What manner of adversary art thou, Oh Cupid, mine newest enemy and cleaver of a heart now rent in two by love's dart unwanted? Fain wouldst I seek thy quiver spoilt and emptied of all implements of love's war, if but to liberate this shepherd boy from a wasting sickness wrought 'pon an unsuspecting and pure spirit. Content hath I been to drinketh in Nature's beauty and surfeit mine pining soul with Her sufficient bounties. She and she alone hath been, to present, sufficient food for all mine youthful cravings and whate'er further necessity wouldst, some elusive day, 'come enjoined upon this pitiable naif. Now, because of thee, despised one, mine once simple eye hath become darkened. The Serpent hath coiled 'round, he holdeth tight fast and letteth flow his venom slow and insuperable till mine full allegiance be guaranteed. That dear and innocent tender of the fold abideth no more. Thy darts, Cupid, art they claddeth in lead or in gold?

    O cunning and ruthless one, I hath become weary of a desire heretofore unknown. I am sickened at mine very center. Flesh and resolve once resistant to sin's temptation art now troubled by inconvenient stirrings. They rumbleth deep within a frame of roiling and burning blood that seeketh assuagement.

    Come closer, dear Cupid. I speaketh only in jest as I truly do love thee. Before this febrile brow breaketh its hold, however, couldst I very well clippeth thy wings if 'pon thy cursed neck I shouldst fall. Love's sweet suffering hath rendered an innocent child mad and unaccountable for his present state of amorous intoxication.

    I prithee, letteth the Immortals rendereth righteous judgment on mine behalf shouldst
    this madness leadeth to Cupid's demise by mine hand ...


    My dearest love, Cupid:

    How I long to have you return to my side and smile your cherubic smile upon me. It has been too long that I have languished over love's dream unfulfilled. My prim and proper family suspect that there is a change in my spirit; they say that the brightening of my eyes and the upturn of the corners of my mouth are becoming all too frequent. They are perplexed that my former solemn, taciturn ways have blossomed most prodigiously into a riot of springtime colour and cheer. The protracted winter of my discontent has vaporized and can afflict no more.

    Accordingly, my family's puritanical mores are so deeply and long entrenched that one's breaking free from such tyrannical bondage of body and soul seems a revolutionary act. Well, I say fie on the whole lot of them! You, sweet and delectable Eros, are no villain, no embodiment of mere carnal pleasure. You are a releaser, a liberator, a sweet saviour of this despairing maid whose shriveled spirit you have revivified by your glance, your touch, your kiss ...

    I know that you are true, that I am your only one. Please hasten into my presence and cherish my society as none other. The French window shall, as ever, remain open as upon wings of desire you alight once more upon my chamber floor.

    An Eros by any other name is still a Rose ...

    Your Spectre of the Rose

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    In the Roman version, Cupid was the son of Venus (goddess of love) and Mars (god of war). In the Greek version he was named Eros and seen as one of the primordial gods (though other myths exist as well). The following story is almost identical in both cultures. Cupid was often depicted with wings, a bow, and a quiver of arrows. When his mother got extremely jealous of the princess Psyche, who was so loved by her subjects that they forgot to worship Venus, she ordered Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with the vilest thing in the world. When Cupid saw Psyche, however, he was so overcome by her astounding beauty that he dropped an arrow on his foot, and so fell in love with himself.

    Following that, Cupid visited Psyche every night in his invisible form and told her not to try to see him. Psyche, though, incited by her two older sisters who told her Cupid was a monster, tried to look at him and angered Cupid. When he left, she looked all over the known world for him until at last the leader of the gods, Jupiter, gave Psyche the gift of immortality so that she could be with him. Together they had a daughter, Voluptus, or Hedone, (meaning pleasure/sex) and Psyche became a goddess of the soul.

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    Who's the lucky girl?

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    compound complex

    I dip my quill into the inkwell, John Doe, in order to conjure up my own special, written version of reality, which is dreamily ensconced in an era and location inhabited by fanciful creatures.

    Thanks for dropping by ...


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    compound complex

    Lightning and thunder in the air ... time to say g'night and turn off the PC!

    Blessings and peace to all,


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    compound complex

    For too long a lifetime, O cunning and vexatious Cupid, have you refrained from entering into my presence with love's dream granted.

    Offerings of tears and flowers of the field upon your altar have in no wise moved your heart or winged travel on my sorrowing behalf. You are well acquainted, scornfully so, with the desire of eyes that pine toward an elusive mating and the burning blood that courses madly through veins scarce able to contain such fire. When, if ever, will my liebestraume become entwined with the physical being I call Myself? I am earth, my blood is fire ... I will be consumed but for a rupture ...

    My raging love is become pent-up waters behind a crumbling dam of dust and bone....

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