I feel like I'm bringing my JW and non-JW family together!

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  • cognac

    Well, as some of you read, I've been developing my relationship with my non-JW family. I've been trying to mend things with the non-JWs and JWs... Kinda trying to make both sides see eachothers sides - why they did what they did - and then see them as human and the great qualities that they have... Well, I didn't even know, but my mom and non-jw aunt were spending time together today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YAY!!! I feel like everybody is starting to come together! Little things like that are happening and I think it's so great!!!

    (As a side note, I've noticed that people tend to play things up a huge amount in there own heads. - from only what I've seen... When you REALLY listen to them and what they have to say, as time goes they will start to listen to you as you gently display the great qualities the other side has. I've noticed it takes down a lot of barriers doing that...)

  • Atlantis


    This is wonderful news! Keep up the good work! Thousands of people would love to see their JW and non-JW family members come together as a family again.

    We hope you the very best!


  • WTWizard

    Hopefully, they will all become non- or ex-witlesses.

  • cognac

    Thanks Atlantis! I hope so WT!

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