U.S. Magazine Printing and Shipping relocated to Canada Branch

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  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    I don't see this posted anywhere else on the site; if I missed another topic on this, I apologize for the duplicate post:

    Got this from a sister still in:

    Announcement at Bethel This Morning 5/27/09

    Re: Magazine Printing and Shipping relocated to Canada. Governing Body has approved of having the Magazine Printing and
    Shipping moved to the Canada Branch. They will be getting a new Press and equipment to accomplish this task. Here at Wallkill and the Global Printery’s are going to Double Shift
    work. (No brothers or sister working with the new “work arrangement”
    will have to miss meetings) Wallkill presently has 5 printing presses and we will be reduced to 3
    high speed. We will continue to Print and Ship all Hard and Soft cover
    publications. All the details have not been worked out, but many will
    be effected who were presently working with Magazine
    Production/Printing & Shipping. The Society transferred the magazine Dept. from Brooklyn to Wallkill
    in 1973..and has rolled off the presses Billions of issues…time to
    pass the baton on to our Brothers to the North.

    Thrilling news !!

    Now, regarding the opening comment "the Governing Body has approved of having the Magazine Printing and Shipping moved to the Canada Branch"; I was of the impression that the whole legal organization re-org was designed to alleviate the Governing Body from having to be burdened with operational decisions of the corporation, and could focus on spiritual food production (sic). Wouldn't approving such a move be the domain of the directors of those corporations directly responsible for printing operations?

  • AndersonsInfo

    Perhaps the following will answer your question about the involvement of the GB with decisions.

    Amended and Restated Charter Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, April 8, 2003 signed by Don Adams.

    Second Article:

    "The purposes of the corporation are religious, educational, and charitable, including to act as the servant and legal entity for the religious body of Christian persons known as Jehovah's Witnesses; publicly and from house to house preach and teach the gospel of God's Kingdom under Christ Jesus unto all nations as a witness to the name, Word, and supremacy of Almighty God, JEHOVAH; print, record by any means and in any medium, and otherwise produce, and distribute...

    After listing about 60 or more purposes of the corporation, it states at the end:

    "and do any and all other lawful things that its Board of Directors, in accordance with the spiritual direction of the ecclesiastical Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, shall deem appropriate in harmony with these purposes."

  • proandcon

    TJ...I had essentially the same story told to me by a WTF heavy at the DC in Portland Me last weekend. Canada will print the mags and WTF the books.

    He also said that all factory buildings in Brooklyn and the Bossert hotel are for sale.." over $1 billion in real estate".


  • Blueeyes54

    With all this real estate money coming availabe they should help out starving witnesses in third world countries and give more to the missionaries to assist in growing literal food. More and more the missionaries are dipping into their meager Bethel allowance to feed congregation members that are subsisting on possibly one meal a day. There used to be more equalizing with funds, but no longer. When there was need a letter was sent out to all congregations and we all had the joy of giving to the needy ones worldwide. Then central fund was sent out and the donors were to trust certain ones in charge of the fund to send money out where they thought is was needed most. No more letters and not more joy and increasingly poor JWS. With this move to Canada, one wonders what new regulation or law is about to go into operation that they are trying to stay ahead of?

  • Gayle

    The organization has a 'helter-skelter' mania going on, like an apparant effort to survive.

  • orangefatcat

    Very interesting use of word analogy Gayle, helter skelter. Like it very much. Now we know what the result of helter skelter is right??

    if only it were true...


  • ldrnomo

    Remember, the Canadians were harder on the early Jdubs then the Yanks were so once they flee to Canada then where can they go next?

    Wait I know...HELL


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Nope. Hell won't have the bastards.


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