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  • cherry

    We have been clearing out my J.W.s mothers house and have extensive library dating back to the 1940's and prior. We would like to sell these as we must fund her deteriorating care. Anyone interested or have any idea who may want these. Thanks

  • Atlantis


    You have a [ pm ].

    Thank you!


  • nbernat

    Why don't you ask for a voluntary donation?

  • ohiocowboy

    Check out some of the prices on Ebay. Some of the earlier books can go for over $200 each. also, some of the early Watchtowers from the teens and before go for really good money, anywhere from $20 each to several hundred each for the earliest ones. Many book dealers and collectors are realizing the high prices, and are beginning to search for the early literature above most other types of books. Just a heads up so you don't get taken on something that is worth a lot!

    I recently paid 32.00 for a single Watchtower, and thought it was a bargain!

  • ohiocowboy

    Here is Randy's site that will give you an idea of prices...

    Here are some Ebay prices...There used to be much more listed, but it is getting so hard to find, and prices continue to climb. =

    Study this for a couple of weeks, and you will see some rare books come up. Photo Drama usually goes for $100-200, Daily Heavenly Manna goes for $80 and up depending on condition, Studies in the Scriptures, Millenial Dawn, etc. go for good money with the first printings worth the most. A complete set of the very first of bound volumes in a set of 6 average $1500, with single volumes going for $200-250 each volume. Unusual things, such as postcards, pictures, convention programs, banners, etc. are VERY Collectible and usually start bidding wars on some of the rarer stuff. Keep on the lookout for a book called Three Worlds. It is the rarest book of all, and only a handful have been found, and they are worth a minimum of $4000 and up.

    If you don't have the time or energy to list everything on Ebay, there are Ebay drop sites in Cities that will list things for you, and arrange all shipping, etc. and will keep a percentage (anywhere from 25-40%) on average, and you get the rest. And some times the percentage drops if you have a lot of things for them to list. Not bad for not having to do any work, it is all done for you. And, they can't really cheat you, because you can see your stuff on Ebay and see exactly what it sells for.

    Good luck!

  • Priest73
    Why don't you ask for a voluntary donation?

    Dude. I offer my sincerest apologies for any transgressions I committed on your other thread. I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I read the title of this thread.

    We rule.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Keep an eye out for a 1934 Yearbook. It is probably the only yearbook that would trigger a bidding war on Ebay.

  • JustHuman14

    can you give us a list of what you have? In my library I got all Booze Jo's books, but I will keep them as proof how lunatic he was, and that the WT is a bogus cult.

  • gubberningbody

    I've got a pretty good set of WT's from the 20's... The oldest I have is a Golden Age from 1919. Anyone interested?

  • cherry

    Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions. We keep finding older and older publications that mother has. Unfortuately we have to raise money for her care as she has been a keen donor of cash to the organization. Leaving very little money for her care now. So she has been abandoned to her disfellowshiped children to subsidise her care. So hopefully some of these books will be of some value. Thanks again it is really appreciated.

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