Is Jah a " just " God ?

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  • smiddy

    The bible says that Satan is a liar and the father of the lie. Eve was deceived by Satan. Adam should have known better and rebuked Eve. Now picture the scales of justice,Satans wrongdoing as against mankinds wrongdoing.What comparison is their between Satans afflictions/sufferings these past 6000 years (,by jw reckoning,) as against the afflictions/pain/and suffering experienced by humans, man woman and child,these past 6000 years???.Remember Satan,compared to humans is a superior being,a spirit being who apparently can live for thousands of years without dying.And according to Job even after rebelling against Jah could still come into the presence of God.(and the test of job which is another story ) What physicall afflictions has Satan suffered ? OK you say he`s not a material being,so what has he suffered ? Humankind on the other hand has suffered horrendously...these past centuries,man woman and child.And lets forget about the suffering man has brought upon himself,and their is heaps,lets just concentrate on the suffering that God has brought upon mankind and NOT SATAN. Jehovah said woman would give childbirth in pain. ....Satan doesn`t ......Mankind would die in the day he broke Gods law .Satan didn`t ....What was stated in the bible was the wages of sin was death....,for mankind,thousands and thousands of generations,man woman and child have died .....shocking deaths in alot of cases. Satan didn`t What suffering has Satan endured ....Mankinds afflictions / diseases/pestilences/which are not attributed to mankinds abuses ,which are too many to list here ,but a few as starters,MS,Parkinsons,dementia,various forms of cancer,(and I know personally many ,and I emphasise many jw`s who have never smoked with having various forms of cancer) liver disease(non drinkers) and their are many many many more afflictions that you can bring to mind that humans have suffered. What can you say about Satan.The evidence before me is he`s suffered nothing. I have only touched the surface of the inequalities between the sentencing of Satan and Humans because of rebellion,hopefully you can add more.


  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    Some thoughts from:

    1. There must be more ‘good’ than ‘bad’ (for the creatures, that is, us)

    This is a most interesting issue, because it is often assumed by ‘objectors’ that the world is full of evil and suffering, that life is more-torture-than-not, and that the evil present world order is not “good enough” to have warranted being created itself (before we even get to the issue of heaven and hell).

    Now, I have argued elsewhere in the Tank that this is simply not the case. Without falling into the folly of Candide, I would argue that although it might be difficult to defend the position that this world is the ‘best of all possible worlds’, I consider it very defensible to maintain that this world is much , much better than the ‘worst of all possible worlds’, and indeed, that it would fall into the “top half” of possible worlds, based upon simple world and life statistics.

    Let's look at the two most often mentioned specific areas of alleged "vast" suffering: people and the biotic food-chain (e.g., predation, parasitism, etc).

    First, evil in human experience.

    Even at a cursory (non-rigorous) level, it should obvious that:

    1. If life really were more evil than good, then violent crimes should be orders of magnitude higher than they are in the world. Violent crime is measured in single and double digits, within population bases of 100,000 people. Of the approximately 50 million people who died worldwide in 1990 (approximately eight-tenths of one percent of the world population), only 1.4% of those were from intentional, violent crime. [In the USA in 1997, violent personal crime affected only 4% of the over-12yr population.] These numbers should be vastly higher in a vastly-evil world.

    2. Even a quick fly-by glance at basic vital statistics would suggest that "evil suffering" is not the major part of our lives. Life expectancy: of all the major countries of the world, only three have life expectancies of less than 60 years (i.e., Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa). Refugee counts: even with the widest definitions, only two-hundredths of one percent (.02%) of the world population is classified as refugees. Unemployment: the vast majority of the countries of the world have unemployment under 15%, with the 60+ largest countries having 10% or less. Nutritional mortality: in spite of the fact that perhaps as many as one-third of the world does not eat an 'adequate diet,' deaths from nutrition-related causes only accounts for less than 1 percent of all deaths. These figures should be much, much higher in a world of "more evil than good".

    3. If life really were more evil than good, then humanity might have killed itself off long ago, by a combination of homicide, genocide, suicide, xenocide. But somehow, life “outruns” self-destruction in our history…

    4. If life really were more evil than good, then the headlines of the nightly news would not captivate us very well…Plane crashes of hundreds of fatalities, earthquakes with similar body counts, serial killers of dozens of people would all be virtually trivialized by the daily experience in each life on earth(!) of "majority evil". If evil were the majority (i.e., more “bad” than “good”), news of it would not be "news" in the least, and the horrors of concentrated points of evil in history (e.g. the Holocaust, the western Slave Trade) would not provoke such moral outrage or pessimism over human nature as they do…

    5. There is a basic philosophical argument, that evil, as parasitic on ‘good’, simply cannot exist in the ‘majority’ or it would starve itself, so to speak. You simply cannot have significantly more vampires than you have live humans…

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