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    No big news here, just a couple of nice quotes from the C.O.

    #1) So how do JWs really feel about worldly people? Do they really think they are better than you? Really?? Yes, they do, or rather the leaders do. Remember the scriptures about Jeehoober using wood materials, but then upgrading? So he uses wood, the copper, silver and gold, right?

    So according to the C.O, we don't judge worldly people, we are just better than them. We are the gold, they are like the wood. So cheer up, you aren't being judged!

    #2) The world is tough place. Jobs, bills, stress those are the facts. Education, high-paying jobs, "the good life" those are myths. The world isn't fair. The only "fairness" that exists is in the Organization!

    Yep, you heard it here!!


  • Oubliette

    The only "fairness" that exists is in the Organization!

    Right. That's why WE WORK and the GB DONT, BUT CONSTANTLY ASK FOR MONEY. - Acts 18:3

    It's also the reason why if you question anything the GB say or do you risk being cut-off and shunned by all your family members and so-called "friends."

    That's "fair"?!?

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    as a CO, nay, as a JW, you only have to say something, and it automatically becomes the truth. No need to prove it.

  • Crazyguy
    So Freaking Delusional!!!!
  • smiddy

    The Governing Body members act as though they are Corporate Executives of a Company who control a Business .

    And the rank and file Jehovah witnesses enforce that perception , by their tolerating it ,having no say as to who is on that board.

    Did any of the rank and file appoint any of those who are on the Governing Body ? No.

    It`s not what you know it`s who you know that gets you on the board of the Governing Body.

    Unlike the first century Christians who the claim to follow , they do not work at a genuine job to pay their way , like Paul , they sponge off the gullible to provide food , lodging, designer clothing , and material possessions , like expensive rings , and expensive watches , and travel , all over the world .

    just saying


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Led by the Magnificent 7 in Brooklyn, every member of he Worldwide Order of Special Full-Time Servants of Jehovah’s Witnesses (including C.O.'s, missionaries, & special pioneers) simply rip this verse out of their Bibles and their minds, "You received free give free", (Matthew 10:8) ignore the apostle Paul's example, and simply become religious parasites & a paid clergy - nothing less!

  • sir82

    We had a CO who told us that having "women in the workplace" was a "Satanic plot".

    You see, he said, in the 1950's men worked and women stayed at home. The pioneers would call on the women at home, start Bible studies, and bring them "into the truth". The homemakers would, in turn, convince their husbands to "accept the truth" as well.

    So, starting in the 1960's, Satan prompted the world to start hiring more women. Thus, when the pioneers called on houses during the day, no one was at home to accept the Bible studies.

    You can't make this stuff up!

  • EdenOne

    Sir82, that one is making world rounds - I've heard it tom a C.O. here in southern Europe as well, years ago.


  • stillin
    We had a CO tell young parents not to teach their children that Jehovah is "up" in heaven. Too pagan.

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