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  • prologos
    looking at that story: Jesus before his ascension had met with up to 500 followers, 70 evangelizers, but only was with 12 at the last supper, and up to his levitation these still hoped to see an earthly jewish kingdom. Act 1,--- so these were served and partook while having an earthly hope. At the following Pentecost, -- 120 were anointed, but only possibly 11 had actually taken the emblems. Later Cornelius was anointed before even being baptized, or partaking. At the first Passover after Jesus' departure, they still had not started to "do this in memory of me". so: At what point do the changes in procedures cause the memorial not to be doing the real thing? BSW: A beautiful new sickle of the moon with glorious venus nearby is visible today, starting the Nisan countdown . look up, the memorial has changed, orbits not so much.
  • WTWizard

    I remember when I used to go to this wastefest. It had an eerily Jewish aura around the whole thing. While I was at a regular boasting session, even a Grand Boasting Session, it felt xian enough. This even though they were constantly comparing it to what the ancient Jews were supposedly doing with their festivals. Even field circus felt xian, even though it had a Talmud's worth of rules attached to it.

    But, when I went to that stupid REJECT Astaroth Party, I really felt like a Jew at an ancient festival. It felt fully Jewish--isn't the religion supposedly pure Christian? It also felt a complete waste of my time, and I never did feel that it fit in. Good thing I skipped this wastefest in 2006 for the first time--and bought a Ouija board instead of going.

  • prologos

    wtw: thank you for bringing up your feelings. is your family background Jewish? The "christian" practises were modified jewish customs of course, and the Passover/ / Lords supper was the starting line in that process. good for you to point that out.

  • Crazyguy
    The writer of ephians claims that Christians had only one hope, but since many of there beliefs came from Egypt they too thought that thier spirit would go to heaven then to return to their resurrected bodies to live forever in the field of reads(paradise). The book of revelations even makes it look as though they all return to earth.

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