Christianity and nihilism

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  • Anti-Christ

    I have noticed that a lot of Christians (not all of course) tend to have a nihilistic view of things. I often read things like " if there is no god then there is no point to life", " if there is no god there is no real morals", " what's the point of living if god does not exist", "this godless world is going to it's end"... and so on. This is very nihilistic. I believe that fundamental Christianity can have this effect on people and I see it with a lot of JW. It is very destructive and unhealthy. Why can't they see that we don't need a metaphysical reason to be good or even to have good in this world. There are laws that "govern" this universe and I also believe that there are moral laws that govern social groups, things we must do in order to function properly and be happy in a group. I also believe that we don't need a god to have purpus. I must go now but I'll check in later to see if any one wants to discuss this .

  • Narkissos

    One of the steadiest arguments of Nietzsche (including The Antichrist ;-) is that Christianity is the main historical expression of nihilism.

  • AllTimeJeff

    As a thought: It could be that nihilism is a phase that many go through upon a JW exit. Whether one stays with that line of thinking I believe is in large part to becoming more existential then they were as a JW. (I allow for the fact that to define existentialism is difficult, I speak of it in its broadest definition)

    For a former JW to align with another branch of Christianity for example (lets say, a claim is made that Jesus or the holy spirit spoke to them), then that in my view is existential. Their own experience has moved them in this direction. (I say that because in the example of a Christian claiming to hear god, that can not be verified, at best, it can only be an existential experience.)

    Others existentially see that quality human life as far as can be verified (that is to say, happy, at peace, etc) is linked to some form of spiritual dimension. Maybe that does not include worship of a deity. But it does mean pursuit of a higher meaning in life.

    Still others, seeing no god and no evidence that persuades them, conclude that their life is purposeless. They cannot see any point in existence.... Whatever that conclusion leads them, that is their general mood. (I hesitate to generally charecterize this broad group as to their general mood)

    I personally do not believe a nihilistic world view is healthy. I think it demonstrable that it causes more problems then it helps to answer. I don't believe in organized religion, nor do I believe in the worship of any specific deity, but I have to acknowledge the positive power that having a "purpose in life" has on many. Quantifying this phenomenon, or why, is difficult, but at the same time, it does exist.

  • Narkissos
  • Anti-Christ

    Interesting, thank you for your input. I did not know that about Nietzsche, I am just starting to learn about Nietzsche and neilisme , I guess I'm not to much off track. Philosophy is something new for me I am enjoying it lot and discovering many things. I am finishing a book by Daniel C. Dennett.

  • BurnTheShips

    Nietzsche is an awesome read, I recommend Thus Spake Zarathustra.

    When I read it, the feel of it is like reading the Bible.

    And on that note.


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