The Watchtower Society wants sell Assambley Halls in Argentina

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  • JHK

    Hello, camaradas!:

    WT wants to sell the Assambley Halls in Argentina, too. The Governing Body Bank has an heavenly hope but, at the same time, wants the earthly things..., as money! Money, money, money!

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    A Google Translation - which is sometimes confusing:

    Dear comrades in the global diaspora:

    Decapitalization of the Watch Tower, is worldwide in scope - like their failed prophecies - want to sell everything and make cash. Money, money and more money! Now we know that the money does not buy happiness! But, you know the Governing Body Bank? The Governing Body, with the heavenly hope, are selling all the earthly possessions, and, when they have to go to heaven ... We do not have anything left on Earth! Will go to heaven with a clear conscience, knowing that we are left with empty pockets ..., ¡no money to spend on various services! Remember the saying: "He who loves you well, you leave them white."

    Former elder in this congregation, of Argentina, has given us the breath. Indeed, this Internet, more than ever the saying applies: "The world is a handkerchief." Then you put the chronicle from the pampa argentina. Thank you for your information, Gaucho!:

    "Dear, I am an ex witness and former elder of Argentina and wanted to congratulate them on to uncover all the lies and scams CG. I must inform you that here in the country are plotting a similar strategy in operation. They have announced to the publisher via Ministry of the Kingdom that is no longer going to use the assembly hall to do, but that take place in stadiums, with the excuse of wanting to encourage them to be in a meeting with many attendees. Beyond them are saying to congregations that do not reach what they are paying to keep these halls and that the cost of renting the stadium would be less maintenance. (Apparently they want to convince them that rent is more desirable to be owner). When I heard this I realized the trick: it should say so more rent and have, in a second stage a few months later, the sale of buildings, which by the way, if one were converted to tapera category "Premium" and today are worth from 10 to 12 times more than the value for which they were acquired ... well you understand what I mean here ... Meanwhile many of the publications are in extreme poverty, with a large recession (not just by the global crisis, but because this country is in chaos because of bad leaders, apart from CG .. of course) and do not have the minimum to "keep warm" and much less "well fed". ... In the end we know that the money from the sale , rather than shared among the contributing congragaciones and should return to their rightful owners, NY disappear in the hands of a rider who sold millions of colors mirrors around the world ... they are still hurting with redeeming their lives ... Anyway, just wanted to inform you that the movements of real estate on the CG being conducted in various parts of the world and I believe they will soon do the same here in Argentina ... We'll see if this "my prophecy is fulfilled, but the evidence and I see that you have, I do not mind that I'm wrong ... will be next to them?

    Greetings and congratulations on these grounds. "

    Hit after hit, so it behaves the "Voice of God on earth, in this endless time watchtoweriano order. Does anyone doubt mat on the destination of the money from the sale? That is an apostate, by distrust in the governing body! You hidden, the Faithful and Discreet Slave, once the destination of your contributions? Do not you each year with an annual entry and exit? What not? You know why the financial system watchtoweriano is mired in utter darkness? Do not you know? Ask your superintendent Circuit, before being cast into the street with the ERE to come!

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So we are apostates and outside the Iberian seas. Who is the father of lies?


    Disseminate among the brethren of the congregation, which also sold in Argentina and it will have to ask Paco Lobatón, the destination of money. Because if you ask in Bethel for the fate of money from the sale ... You can be accused of apostasy!


    Thats Frigg`n Terrible!!..The WBT$ gets poor JW`s to donate for Assembly Hall`s..Then sells them and walks off with all the poor JW`s money... .................The WBT$ literally steals from the poor!... Pouty ................................OUTLAW

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