Public Talk Outlines

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  • Roddy

    Propbably the same outlines with the appropriate minutes of extra material crossed out. LOL!

  • Black Sheep
  • yknot
  • 5thGeneration

    I'll check mine and see. If I have ones you need, how would I get them to you?

  • yknot

    I will pm you my email address....

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Excellent. You even had 122 which I was missing. Thank you very much

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    OK Here is the list so far. Some are same number but different talks

    001 How well do you know god

    002 Will you be a survivor of the last days

    003 Serving with Jehovah’s unified organization

    004 Evidence of God in the world around us

    005 Family life that warms the heart 1991

    005 Family life that warms the heart 2005

    006 The flood of Noah’s day has meaning for us

    007 Mercy a dominant quality of true Christians 1991

    008 Living, not for self, but to do Gods will 1991

    009 Never become dull in your hearing

    010 Conducting ourselves honestly at all times

    011 No part of the world in imitation of Christ 1991

    011 Honorable marriage in Gods sight 1988

    012 Respect for authority is a safeguard for you

    013 A godly view of sex and marriage

    014 A clean people honors Jehovah.

    015 As Christians we care about other people

    016 Keep growing in your relationship with God

    017 Glorifying god with all we have

    018 Are you really making Jehovah your stronghold

    019 Your future how can it be known

    020 Is it time for God to rule the world

    021 How do you fit into the kingdom arrangement

    022 Are you content with Jehovah’s provisions?

    023 Life does have a purpose

    024 What god’s rulership can do

    025 Resisting the spirit of the world

    026 Does God count you personally important 1992

    027 Getting marriage off to a good start

    028 Show respect and love in your marriage

    029 Responsibilities and rewards of parenthood

    030 Communication within the family and with God

    031 Happy though hungry how can it be 1992

    031 Celebrating the lord’s evening meal 1990

    032 Coping with life’s anxieties 1992

    032 Funeral discourse 1988

    033 What is behind the spirit of rebellion

    034 Are you marked for survival

    035 Can you live forever Will you

    036 Is this life all there is

    037 Decide now for divine rulership

    038 Act wisely as the end draws near

    039 Be confident of divine victory

    040 What the near future holds

    041 Stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah

    042 How the kingdom of God effects you

    043 Are you doing what God requires of you 1992

    044 Keep seeking Gods kingdom

    045 Follow the way to life

    046 Maintain your confidence firm to the end

    047 Have faith in the good news

    048 Meeting the test of Christian loyalty

    049 A cleansed earth will you live to see it

    050 Decisions you face How will you make them

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    051 Is the truth transforming your life

    052 Who is your God

    053 Does your thinking agree with Gods

    054 Build your faith in man’s maker

    055 What kind of name are you making with God

    056 Into the new world under Christ’s leadership

    057 Bearing up under persecution

    058 How should you serve God

    059 You will reap what you sow

    060 How purposeful is you life

    061 On whose promises do you rely

    062 The only cure for sick mankind

    063 Do you have the evangelizing spirit

    064 Lovers of pleasure or lovers of God

    065 Finding honor and joy in God’s ministry

    066 Slave for the master of the harvest

    067 Taking time to meditate on spiritual things

    068 Do you harbor resentment or do you forgive

    069 Renewing the spirit of self sacrifice

    070 Make Jehovah your confidence

    071 How to keep spiritually awake

    072 Love identifies the true congregation

    073 Acquiring a heart of wisdom

    074 Jehovah’s eyes are upon us

    075 Do you recognize Jehovah’s sovereignty in your personal life

    076 Jealousy Proper and improper

    077 Follow the course of hospitality

    078 Serve Jehovah with a joyful heart

    079 Friendship with God friendship with the world which will you choose 1994

    080 Does your hope rest on science or the bible

    081 Who are qualified as ministers of God

    082 Jehovah and Christ Are they part of a trinity

    083 Religions time of judgment

    084 Will you escape this worlds destiny

    085 Good news in a violent world

    086 Prayers that are heard by God

    087 What is your relationship with God

    088 Why live by Bible standards

    089 Come you who thirst for the truth

    090 Reach out for the real life

    091 The messiahs presence and his rule

    092 Religions role in world affairs

    093 Acts of God how do you view them

    094 True religion meets the needs of human society

    095 The Bibles view of spiritistic practices

    096 False religions end is near

    097 Remaining blameless amid a crooked generation

    098 Keep clean from worldly defilements

    098 Keep clean from worldly defilements detailed

    099 Why you can trust the bible

    100 True friendship with god and neighbour

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    101 Jehovah the grand Creator

    102 Paying attention to the prophetic word

    103 You can find joy in serving God

    104 Parents are you building with fire resistant materials

    105 Gaining comfort in all our tribulations

    106 Ruining the earth brings divine retribution

    107 Hold a good conscience in a sinful world

    108 Overcoming fear of the future

    109 The kingdom of God is near

    110 God comes first in successful family life

    111 What does the healing of the nations accomplish

    112 How to express love in a lawless world

    113 How can youths cope with today’s crisis

    114 Appreciating marvels of god’s creation

    115 How to protect ourselves from Satan’s snares

    116 Choose your associates wisely

    117 How to conquer evil with good

    118 Looking at youths from Jehovah’s standpoint

    119 Christian separateness from the world why beneficial

    120 Why submit to gods rulership now

    121 A worldwide brotherhood saved from calamity

    122 Global peace from what source

    123 Why Christians must be different

    124 Basis for confidence in the bibles divine authorship

    125 Why mankind needs a ransom

    126 Who can be saved

    127 What happens when we die

    128 Is hell really a place of fiery torment

    129 Is the trinity a scriptural teaching

    130 The earth will remain forever

    131 Is there really a devil

    132 The resurrection victory over death

    133 The origin of humans does it matter what you believe

    134 Should Christians keep the Sabbath

    135 The sacredness of life and blood

    136 Does God approve of the use of images in worship

    137 Did the miracles of the bible really happen

    138 Live with soundness of mind in a depraved world

    139 Godly wisdom in a scientific world

    140 Jesus Christ earths new ruler

    141 Human creations groaning when will it end

    142 Why take refuge in Jehovah

    143 Trust in the god of all comfort

    144 A loyal congregation under Christ’s leadership

    145 Who is like Jehovah our god

    146 Use education to praise Jehovah

    147 Trust in Jehovah’s saving power

    148 Do you share god’s view of life

    149 Are you walking with god

    150 How real is god to you

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    151 Jehovah is a secure height for his people

    152 The real Armageddon why when

    153 Keep close in mind the fear inspiring day

    154 Human rule in the balance

    155 Has Babylon’s Judgment arrived

    156 Babylon’s judgement hour has arrived

    157 How true Christians adorn divine teaching

    158 Be Courageous and trust Jehovah

    159 Finding security in a dangerous world

    160 Safeguard your Christian identity

    161 Why did Jesus suffer and die

    162 Deliverance from a world of darkness

    163 Why fear the true God

    164 Is God still in control?

    165 Whose values do you cherish

    166 Facing the future with faith and courage

    167 Act wisely in a senseless world

    168 You can feel safe in this troubled world

    169 Why be guided by the Bible.pdf

    170 Who is qualified to rule mankind

    171 You can enjoy life in peace now—and forever

    172 What is your stand with God

    173 Is there a true religion from God’s standpoint

    174 God’s New World – Who will qualify to enter

    175 What marks the Bible as authentic

    176 Real Peace and Security When

    177 Where can you get help in times of distress

    178 Walk in the way of integrity

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    As to the question of whether they are being changed to 30 minutes, the answer is no they are not. New outlines created after the change in length are 30 minutes. Old 45 minute outlines are to be pared down by the speaker himself. It is incredibly difficult to do a 45 minute outline justice in 30 minutes. You have to omit entire chunks in order to have a good talk but most speakers simply omit supporting their points scripturally because that saves the most time. This has contributed to a deterioration in the quality of talks over the last few years, IMO.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Thank you Bro and Ynot.


  • yknot

    Icc requested recently for PT Outlines in Espanol...... ( I am requesting 177/178 in Spanish too here on JWN and ExTJ....share if you can!)

    Here is the zip file of 001-176

    For anyone still interested in the English but a bit daunted by the many links above below you will find a link to a zip file containing 2006 CD of PTs (funeral, memorial, marriage, 001-168) and PTs 169-178.

  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    I threw my collection of public talk outlines in the garbage, along with the memorial, funeral and marriage outlines.

    I threw my large extensive library of awakes from 1950 to current 2002 and watchtower bound volumes, etc. in the garbage. Tearing as much of the books as I could so that they could not be circulated again.

    The Watchtower could of used my anger against them in their anger watchtower study this week.

  • Leprechaun

    Why would I want to read polluted so called spiritual food?

  • yknot

    Recently a BOE to yank '076' was put forth.....

    It has now been replaced with 2011 SP Talk entitled "Bible Principles- Can They Help Us Cope With Today's Problems?"

    I give you the new '076' ( I suggest it is added to those who have collections as 076 (2010) because I like to keep the old 'Jealousy' talk too)


  • miseryloveselders

    LOL, this is so messed up LOL. You know, you can't even get a hold of the talk outlines in congregations, unless you have a key to the file room. Its hilarious that everything an elder needs is right here on an apostate message board!!

  • Scully

    Its hilarious that everything an elder needs is right here on an apostate message board!!

    (and in a couple of envelopes in my desk. Thanks again to SnakesInTheTower.)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    darn is nothing sacred secret anymore?

  • monkeyman

    Mad Sweeney

    The Public talks automatically became "better" the moment they became 30 min. 15 min less to suffer through. Most speakers spent 15 min giving example after example after example of how bad things are in their introduction.

    They will get even better if they make them 15 more min less.

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