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  • Lifeisfun

    In most of Latin America, and particularly in Mexico, piñatas are a NO NO for JWs. Normally used for kids birthdays and Christmas parties, piñatas are simply known to be inapropiate among JWs and associated with paganism. As result you would never expect to see any of those spiritually dangerous monsters at a social gathering organized by a Witness in good, medium, or even bad standing in the congregation because, WHY WOULD YOU?! Don't you know JWs don't use them?! This is still strong among JWs up to this day. You simply DO NOT buy them or play with them.

    Yet, surprisingly, in the September 22, 2003 Awake! magazine there is a three-page article about them. It does recognize the piñatas' connection with paganism and even satanism but oddly painted these colorful targets as spiritually INNOFENSIVE. There is even a picture of what seems to be a Christian gathering with kids hitting a piñata. It's all fun! Even the pictures are colorful. Yet hundreds of thousands of JW kids never had the chance to do just that! And still don't. How do they explain that?
    Well, this article clearly made many Witnesses (mostly Hispanic/Latin) go "WTF?!" What was the reaction? A letter was sent to the U.S. branch (among many others, I'm sure) as result of that article and their question appeared on the July 8, 2004 Questions From Readers:

    "I read with interest the article “The Piñata—An Ancient Tradition.” (September 22, 2003) It left me with some questions. The ties to false religion are well-documented. But the article seemed to take the position that as long as it doesn’t bother someone’s conscience, it is OK. What about birthdays and holidays such as Christmas?

    S. W., United States

    “Awake!” responds: Christians refrain from any celebrations or customs that continue to involve false religious beliefs or activities that violate Bible principles. For example, the Bible definitely puts birthday celebrations in a bad light. (Genesis 40:20; Matthew 14:6-10) However, if it is very obvious that a custom has no current false religious significance and involves no violation of Bible principles, each Christian must make a personal decision as to whether he will follow such a custom."

    To me, this is the ONLY time the Slave has publicly stated that if a custom or activity that WAS pagan in the past but now has no "current false religious significance" it is up to the individual to make a personal decision to participate or not. In that line of thought, this logic can be used for many other things. Yet, Witnesses continue to feel STRONGLY against piñatas and most are unaware of the 2003 article and 2004 QFR. Show it to Hispanic/Latin Witnesses and you will see their reaction of "WHAT?!"

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    We had them at JW gatherings in Spain

  • Simon

    How can something be OK or not OK based on what someone else thinks of it?

    There is always someone who will be offended by anything - if they are not invited then everything is OK?

    Pretty much every tradition has some pagan origins (isn't everything pagan to someone?)

    Seems like a bizarre way to run a cult. The WTS is really getting soft in it's old age.

  • sir82
    "Piñatas are now OK" = "We know that well over 50% of our growth comes from Latin American countries, or emigrants from Latin American countries, so let's make it easier for them".
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    "Pagan" is a bugaboo word that refers to any and all religions that are not Jewish or Christian. Christianity had no traditions except for communion and thus you can expect that anything other than that would have been labeled as non-Christian, hence pagan.
  • stuckinarut2


    So by that reasoning, we CAN celebrate a birthday party nowdays, as it has NO LINK to any false religious celebration.

    A birthday is NO DIFFERENT to celebrating a wedding anniversary then!

    HEY GB!! KEEP CONSISTENT HEY!! you are f%#king with peoples lives!!!

  • zeb

    Amelia! great to see you still around!.

    and what is a Pinata please?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Yet, Witnesses continue to feel STRONGLY against piñatas and most are unaware of the 2003 article and 2004 QFR.

    That's because active JWs do not read the WT publications.

    It's that simple. They do NOT know what their own religion teaches (and that include many issues much more important than a ball filled with candy).


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    At children's parties they are hung up and the child whacks it with a stick until it breaks and all the sweets fall out and then the rest of kids grab as many sweets as they can each.

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