unleavened bread and fermented wine at the Memorial

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    Guest with Questions

    My mom who comes to church with us every week for the last 6 months or so has been harping about the leavened bread that some churches use. I sometimes wonder why she comes with us because she criticizes so much. I wouldn't, but I have had moments when I felt like saying that maybe she should go back to the hall.

    Anyway the thought occured to me, why do witnesses use unleavened bread and fermented wine? Most churches that I know of use unleavened bread and grape juice. The greek word (I believe oinos) for wine could be either fermented or unfermented. Could Jesus have used unfermented wine? (fruit of the vine) It makes much more sense.

  • StoneWall

    I can try and give you the story I've heard before about why they use wine.

    Apparently at this time of year (near the passover) the grapes in and around Israel would have been from the last

    harvest, being that the ones for the current season wasn't even ready to be gathered yet. So naturally with that much

    time lapsed from the last harvest they woulda been fermented.

    But I can neither deny or confirm this since I've never personally been to Israel and not sure of their growing seasons.

    Maybe someone else can weigh in on this that does know for sure.



  • Robdar

    Well, as a Jew, I can tell you we are not supposed to have fermented products ofany sort. Nor are we to eat or drink products that have come into contact with fermentation. We also clean our house of wheat products (unless we are sure it has not come into contact with yeast and is produced under the watchful eye of the rabbi), corn products and bean products.

    Did you know that Coca Cola manufactures a classic coke especially for passover? It is made with a sugar base and not a corn syrup base. It is QUITE tasty.

    Of course, we do drink the wine approved for pesach but it isn't very potent. Why we are allowed to drink it, I do not understand. But supposedly it is kosher. If the wine label does not say it is approved for passover, it is forbidden.

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