2 ex-jw comedians talk about thier experiences

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  • jerryminor
  • blondie
    I can't access it.
  • KiddingMe

    Thanks. It's good to hear the two experiences spoken about so openly. It brings out the varying degrees of indoctrination within the organization.

  • Gayle

    this was very interesting,,, very hilarious too,,I recommend it,,,it's an hour clip so got to wait till you have the time. Two different guys versions of being raised in JW lives,,one raised a little more liberal than the other. One is more in the know of the organization,, one gives a little more credit to org than the other, tho both are totally out. One speaks with JW mom pretty well yet,,the other doesn't not speak much at all.

  • Spectre
    I think that white guy was on The Nightly Show last night.
  • Gayle

    This was such a interesting talk show. (Lots of cussing) Kind of shows the difference between one (Jerry) raised strictly in the org and one (Kurt) more liberally (got presents the day after Christmas etc). Kurt says JW world is 'benign' and Larry differed. I feel Larry has done a lot of research about the JW org. in recent times, reading and online, as Kurt was unaware to several revealing issues. Kurt's JW mom still talks a lot with him, but Larry's mom, not for years. Both agreed the similarity of ex-JWs, both surprised when someone spoke with them about seriously going back.

    Now that it is the weekend, maybe more will have the hour to listen to these entertaining fellas.

  • Slave4_38y

    Two Jehovah's can sense each other like The Highlander. Ha ha, ain't that the truth!?

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