Religion and the law of natural selection.

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  • Anti-Christ

    Natural selection explains why we are who we are today. Religion is not immune to the law of natural selection. When we look at the Catholic religion today and compare it to what it was in the medieval period we can see the evolution it went through and we can speculate how it will look in the future. All religions are like this, they will adapt to their new surroundings or they will go extinct. Islam also will go through this change, in some countries it is still at it's more primitive state but in countries were freedom is more advance we see a different kind of Islam.

    The Jehovah's witnesses are going through such a change, they can not keep up with the information that is out there, they must adapt or they will go extinct. The leaders already made a lot of changes and they will continue in the future. They are already on the endangered list. These kinds of religions thrive in environments that do not have as much easy access to information.

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