Robert O'dell D.O, Anyone know him......

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  • outofservice

    Does anyone know him? He and his late wife Ellen. He was the Congregation overseer in Mentor Oh in the late 60's. They had 2 kids Robert and LeAnn.He left Ohio in the 70's and moved to North Carolina in some overseer position. In the 90's he was a District Overseer in Denver Co. He would be in his late 70's now, somewhere I believe back on the East coast. I heard he remarried some sister who is in her 40's. Would like to know if you had any experience with him .


  • Shepherd Book
    Shepherd Book

    I knew him.

    He was one of the instructors at my pioneer school (in the Twin Cities area). His wife died about a week before school started, so he was gone more often than he was there. A local elder (the substitute CO) took over for Bob when he couldn't make it to class.

    I also had some contact with him when rehearsing for a couple of District Convention interviews.

  • ImFreeNow

    Yes, i new him what a waste of time! He was a circuit overseer in the GR Michigan area in the early to mid 90's before his DO days. After I had given the Baptism talk at a Circuit assembly and complimented him on his part that day, he accused me of flattering him. He & I didn't get along very well in his 3 year stay in the circuit. In fact we almost came to verbal assult a couple of times.....LOL. His wife wasn't well even then and he used to like my wife to kind of look after her when they were at our congo.....go figure. He then went Minni....and he couldn't have left soon enough. It was guys like that why I left the Borg.

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