Any ever use a different version of the NWT in the KH

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  • Clambake


    I brought a NIV to the hall the other day. Man, I sure got some attention for it. Someone actually offered to get me a bible. Asshole.

    I know those dips changed the cover to Grey so it would be hard to sneak anything other than the NWT in the hall.

    Anyone ever do that ?

    Too funny

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I once brought an American Standard Version that was printed by the Watchtower to the meeting. It was bound in the exact same way as the NWT but in brown instead of green. The brother sitting besides me noticed it and he opened it to John !:1 to show that it wasn't a worthy translation.

    Strange how the Watchtower even printed the King James Version, also looking like the NWT but with a dark red (?) cover.

  • BluesBrother

    A version of the NWT, or a translation of the Bible?

    I always use the old NWT - I just never liked the new one and I would say so if challenged.

    There is no reason why one should not have another translation at the meeting. I had a relative who always liked to compare the NWT with The Living Bible and brought both along, no problem. the only benefit to the JWLibrary mobile app is the comparison of versions within it . I don't see why anybody should complain


    I bought a WBT$ Living English Bible..


    .....................................................................................Thanks For the Sour Response..

    .......................I WAS TOLD.................................................BROTHER LEMONHEAD..

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  • respectful_observer

    I brought the purple Greek Interlinear Bible printed by the WTS to meetings for a while a few years back. Definitely got a few funny looks. One rather obnoxious elder said something along the lines of "I haven't seen one of those in a long time! I remember using it for research years ago. Can I ask your motivation for using it at the meeting instead of the NWT?" It was clearly meant as "be careful you're not doing this for the wrong reasons" (read: being critical of the NWT).

    Someone else asked "why would you use a translation that's inferior to the NWT?" When I showed them that it was in fact printed and distributed by the WTS, they got a confused look on their face and quickly changed the subject.

  • the comet
    the comet
    I also use the Greek Interlinear Bible sometimes. If you're using anything but the "silver sword" you occasionally get some funny looks. Although, the c.o. did tell us during a talk, that we weren't sinning if we did use the old nwt. Apparently somebody had been saying it was a sin? So he cleared that up for us.
  • Clambake


    I meant use a different version than the NWT in the KH.

  • zeb
    the nwt with broken english e.g. "the mental regulating of.." and the old scriptures 'Jehovahed every second line and very few mentions in the new.

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