I'm done obsessing the JW's! Now my life can really start.

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  • QuestioningEverything

    Nine months ago, My whole world was rocked sideways and upside down!! It all started with a search on the internet about JW's and 1975. Little did I know what I was going to see when I came on here-JWN and Freeminds.org. Needless to say, I was totally devastated to learn how that the "Truth" was not really the truth.

    My family came into the Organization when I was 8 years old. I was baptised at a young age, it was all I knew. Where else was I going to go? The world was going to end, the people were evil and would be destroyed. Yeah, right...

    I investigated everything I was ever taught by the JW's. I read Crisis of Conscience. I searched every topic I could on many different sites-the UN affiiliation, the blood issue, the voting changes, college, disfellowshipping,etc... I now realize that they are not "god's earthly organization" as they claim. For a few months, I was obsessed with finding out as much as I could. I was very angry at the Society.

    Now, I am at peace with the whole thing. I'm not angry anymore. I look at my upbringing and choose to pick the good things out of it. I am not upset with my mom because she raised me and my sisters as JW's thinking it was the right way to live. I am ready to move on with my life and will raise my kids to be college educated, sports playing, christmas celebrating, positive, strong men! Can't change my past but I can make adjustments in my future and live my life to the fullest.

    I will still check out the XJWSupport websites. I wish everyone well and hope you all take advantage of what the "World" has to offer!! I am.

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  • outofservice

    Good for you. What a great attitude. You've made peace with what you were given in life and now your kids will be given a chance at a great life.

  • cawshun

    Questioning every thing,

    You are a lover of the truth, and that is what made you research it further and you found the truth. I am just happy you have a good out look and plan to raise your children outside the Wt.

    I get so excited whenever another jw learns the truth, it gives me hope for my family.

    Best Wishes in your new life

  • passwordprotected

    Fantastic QE, it's a great place to be, mentally.

  • wobble

    Well Done Q E !

    Your journey sounds so much like my own!

    Isn't it strange that we are so HAPPY now we are free of the Borg.? (those still in cannot believe we are happy)

    I wish you and yours all the best in life and please stay with us on here so we may see how you all are doing in the real world,now that the JW fantasy world has gone.

    Love and best wishes



    I'm done obsessing the JW's..I`m going to start a thread about it..It`s all about JW`s and how I`m not obbsessing about them any more..I`m never going to think about JW`s again!!..My mom`s a JW..My sisters are JW`s..Practically everyone I know is a JW.....But thats not what this thread is about..It`s about me not obesessing with JW`s ..Which I`m going to do,as soon as I`m done with my thread about not Obsessing about JW`s.. ..I could`nt help myself..The topic was just too funny..LOL!!..Good luck with your new begining..

    Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • stapler99

    I'm glad that you have a full and purposeful life to look forward to, QuestioningEverything. Never give up hope, even when times are difficult, and you can make a change!

  • besty

    never mind the naughty Outlaw - he's just jealous :-)

  • tympan

    Good on you QE.

    Good luck and all the best with your new direction.

    The world is great place. And ain't Christmas and birthday's a whole lotta fun?!!

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